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  1. Rktect616

    81 CJ-8 rear seatbelts

    Thanks for the input. I may have a local fabricator make me a custom temporary bolt down steel component that allows for the standard seat restraints to clip in similar to more recent cars/trucks. I am suprised that none of the seats integrate the child restraint clips or shoulder devices.
  2. Rktect616

    81 CJ-8 rear seatbelts

    Has anyone seen rear seats for a CJ that has integrated shoulder belts? I have two younger boys and short of quick trips to the pool in their 5 point booster seats, they cannot ride due to the fact the lap belts (newly installed locking type) do not hold the booster seats very stable. My CJ-8...
  3. Rktect616

    Original ACME hardtop pricing

    All- I am selling the original white ACME hardtop that came from the dealer when my CJ-8 was purchased in 81. I am looking for feedback on what I should price is a 7.5-8 out 10. Everything is fully operation and in good shape. There are a couple small cracks at the mounting lip...