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  1. cblfhs

    Calling ADA lawyers/Cj8 advocates & folks near Indy

    I am so incredibly sick and tired of dealing with this company, just lift it. In the end of July 2018, I delivered my Scrambler, in hundreds of pieces to the shop. We agreed on a contract, seven months and $10,000 for them to build my jeep, make it a reliable daily driver for me. They have half...
  2. cblfhs

    2WD 4BT Cummins/ Allison auto ‘82 CJ-8

    82 CJ-8 (2wd 4bt/Allison auto swap) Frame-Off Rebuild Year: 82 Model: Standard Final tire size: 31”? Build details: I bought this project off of WebsterCJ8 on the forum. I broke my neck a couple years ago and I have found a friend to build me a 2WD jeep at a price I can sort of afford ha...
  3. cblfhs

    Help me get parts from Chicago to Indiana for Scrambler in Indy area

    I haven’t posted on here in a while. I broke my neck two years ago in a bicycling accident. I’m paralyzed from the nipples down. I own all parts to rebuild my jeep exactly how I want it and I am looking to pay somebody to help me complete the task. I am south of Indianapolis. Columbus Indiana is...
  4. cblfhs

    Diesel swap into my '8: HUMMIN CUMMINS 4BT!, nv4500,np208, 14bff r, dana60f

    *****************>>>>> SO UPDATE, NO MORE 6.2L, thats gone, I have decided to go the Cummins 4BT route. picked up the motor 2/15/2011* As the title reads: planning my swap. have a complete M1008 CUCV truck. I am using the driveline from that minus the crappy 3 speed auto trans it came with...
  5. cblfhs

    anyone have/make FULL bikini tops?

    I want a full bikini top... I am considering just making one from sheet metal... but I was just wondering if anyone knew if they sold these or made them... I also an considering buying a second bikini top and retaining channel , mounting it along the middle of the jeep and running two bikini...
  6. cblfhs

    Do you run a SYE with your np205? (slip yoke eliminator)

    Hello those of you who run an np205: do you also have a slip yoke eliminator? I am sprung over and was just going to run a rear yoke and my rear d-shaft... a friend mentioned that I needed a SYE for an np205? is this the case? Thanks, Christopher
  7. cblfhs

    ? swtich to sm465/np205/203? suggs?

    I rolled my 8 and things have changed: time to trail-rig it scroll down to the bottom here... Im investigating best doubler options. here are the trans/transmissions i currently have t176/d300 sm465/np205 and t5/d300 i think i wanna do a doubler w\ an sm465/np203/d300.... anyone running...
  8. cblfhs

    highway RPM?

    hello everyone. i have 3.73 gears and i am considering putting in 4.11s or 4.56s, but the problem is my 1:1 trans ratio. i am running 35s, so i was wondering what a safe range of RPMs is. i have a chevy 400 and a big alluminum radiator, so i dont really have a problem with heat... every...
  9. cblfhs

    spring over springs (looking for suggestions)

    they other thing i want to fix is my ride. It is very stiff... is that b\c my shackles are too tight, or b\c i have a springover and rancho 2.5" lift springs? i was considering spending 400 or so and buying new YJ springs. i have heard RE springs r good. i want something relatively...
  10. cblfhs

    steering suggs

    they guys at the local shop suggest getting a new steering box. my steering radius is terible! what does everyone buy for aftermarket steering? do a lot of people go to rack and pinion? is there a different ratio box i can buy so i can have a better turning radius? i am running 35s with a...
  11. cblfhs

    help with MSD 6A box wiring please

    hello everyone i just bought an MSD box and mollory coil from a guy i know for only 50 bucks. he said it all worked fine and he only had it in his car for around 4k miles. anyways i don't know which wires go to what on it. there are 4 wires: red, black, white, and orange.. could someone please...
  12. cblfhs

    Spring over axle questions

    hello i am about to install some new axles and i am wondering if i should go SOA. I know how to weld and know others who are much better than i am (all free). The new spring perches and shock mounts are cheap... so the rear should be real easy. how difficult is the front axle to do? what do...
  13. cblfhs

    WARMEST heater core compatible? warm, cheap heating??

    i also posted thi under cj8 restoration topics... not knowing which it goes in? whats the warmest, best heater core that is compatible w\ 8's?? what have yall done with heating? any good ideas?(cheap) is the stock heater core replacement adequate? thanks chris
  14. cblfhs

    WARMEST compatible heater, warm heating???

    whats the warmest and best heater core that fits in 8s? are new stock ones adequate? ideas? what's cheap that yall have done? thanks chris
  15. cblfhs

    help with converting to bigger axles from a 70s jeep

    i just bought a pre 76 dana 30 and 44. i was planning on using my current break parts, but my new front dana 30 has drums. can i just unbolt the old hubs and bolt them onto the new axle? also, in the rear, is it possible to simply bolt on my AMC 20 brake calipers and pads... has anyone done...
  16. cblfhs

    stock rear driveshaft w\ D 44 axles??

    hello i was wondering if i could use my stock cj8 driveshaft on a dana 44 i am considering buying. thanks chris
  17. cblfhs

    SHould the longer pair of shocks go in front or in rear?

    just a simple question i had. I assumed the longer ones go in the rear just because that made sense to me, but someone told me i should have them up front for more articulation... how are y'all configured? thanks chris
  18. cblfhs

    re-post: sotck carb help PLEASE-which hose goes where? pics?

    hey now i have the task of putting on a stock carb, but i don't know which hoses goes where. i looked in my chilton repair manual, but thats no help. does anyone know where i can find a diagram to see where all the hoses and the vaccume go? i am not sure which goes where. i am taking off my...
  19. cblfhs

    carb help please! i have a weber... need a carter

    hello i have an 82 cj8 w\ stock 6 cyl and a weber carb that came w\ it. it runs great, few regrets, only i can't pass through emissions. i a, looking into getting a stock carter carb and i am wondering if this is the right thing to do. will i need a computer w\ a carter? my weber is great...
  20. cblfhs

    more add-a-leaf help please.. suggestions

    how much do add-a-leafs stiffen your ride guys? i am thinking about going the cheap way and getting an add-a-leaf rather than converting my 2 inch shackle lift to a 4 inch suspension. what do you think? should i just say to hell w\ a soft ride and throw in the add a leaf kit? i am running 33s...