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  1. Bobs85Reny

    Is there a pic of Black 8 with Orange Phoenix grachics

    I have an all original 85 CJ7 with factory stripes if this helps.
  2. Bobs85Reny

    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    I agree I really like the look with the square doors better
  3. Bobs85Reny


    Here in jersey there were no deals at all except a $2000 off MSRP. Gave up on buying one. I will wait a few years till they start coming in on lease returns and pick one up in the used market. I did score a great deal on a preowned 2015 jku Sahara. When this one gets paid off I will then look...
  4. Bobs85Reny

    84 Garnet

    I am a big Garnet fan. I think I like it even more now because it is not very common. Mine came with the Black Orange combo.
  5. Bobs85Reny


    Here you go. Here are a couple I rendered
  6. Bobs85Reny

    Let me know if you ever want to part with your 85 Renegade. I have a bunch of jeep stuff to...

    Let me know if you ever want to part with your 85 Renegade. I have a bunch of jeep stuff to possibly trade.
  7. Bobs85Reny


    There is also a big theft problem with them on the JL with the rear tail lights and they are very expensive.
  8. Bobs85Reny


    I am 5' 11" and on my lj I had to add 1" spacers under my seat rails because I sat so low
  9. Bobs85Reny


    I had 2 jeep Liberty's one with leather interior and one with cloth. The one with the leather interior sat much higher due to a number of things. The seats themselves were completely different and the leather seats had more padding plus the heater. The other major difference was that the leather...
  10. Bobs85Reny


    I think they should have added the foot step like in the concept
  11. Bobs85Reny


    How about something like this. There are so many possibilities!
  12. Bobs85Reny


    This is what I would love to build from the JT.
  13. Bobs85Reny


    I know I will get flamed for this but the discontinuation of the XJ was probably one of the best things that happened to jeep. Here is my reasoning for it. First they tried the replacement for it with the Liberty. Don't get me wrong I have a Liberty and I like it. Its got over 225,000 miles and...
  14. Bobs85Reny


    I think Chrysler got this one right. The midsize truck segment has been lacking options. Tacoma has capitalized on this for many years. Most people who are going to buy this truck are not going to be hardcore offroaders. No one thought the 4dr jk jeep would last for long. If it wasn't for the...
  15. Bobs85Reny

    4.0L swap intake option - Rugged Ridge TJ “cold air” intake

    What about fabricating something like this for a heat shield. Should not be to difficult to make. Then you can use what you already have
  16. Bobs85Reny

    Anyone know a CJ8 guy outside Philadelphia, PA?

    Jeff Daniels?
  17. Bobs85Reny

    Sramblers Equipped w/Automatic Trans?

    I have an 84 Scrambler 6cyl Auto. It is a column shift.
  18. Bobs85Reny

    A Scrambler fell into my lap

    Very Nice! Not many Garnet interiors around. Probably one of the rarest color interiors. I have an 85 cj7 with same graphics and interior.