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    Shocks. 81' with 82' axles.

    Get rid of that sway bar. Then swap the spring pads such that the passenger side pad is on driver side turned 180 degrees and vice versa with the other pad. Cut off the shock mounts welded to the axle tubes. Now you have the best of both models (lower shock mount on spring pad and ‘82 and newer...
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    Ronald Reagan CJ-8 Scrambler Gipper

    Same as mine! I don’t see Regan’s on any of these links.
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    Jeep frames/engines

    304 weighs less than 258
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    ‘81 Scrambler with 360/th400/Atlas waggy axles

    Thanks Where can I find that part #?
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    ‘81 Scrambler with 360/th400/Atlas waggy axles

    I’m currently trying to find and install the best method to fasten the half hard-top on. Also wondering if FlexSeal paint for the top would be a good choice? Please advise.
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    Restoring an'84 CJ7 with 258/t5/Dana 300

    and found a t18/19 with the 6.3 first gear that is set up for 2wD and therefore has a 31 spline output connected to a yoke. I have a Dana 20 that was pulled off a waggy that was mated to a th400 and it has 31 spline input but obviously a th 400 adapter flange. Does anyone know how I can mate...
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    4.2 firing problems.....

    So my 26 yr old son decided to buy his first jeep. I urged him to buy a fuel injected 4.0 in a wrangler but he decided to buy a CJ. Looks like I raised a CJ man (brimming with pride.) The's ok at low rpm but sputters pretty bad when revved up. Wires appear to be in good shape ...
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    AMC 401

    First, I realize this engine was never an option in the cj-8. However since it's bolt pattern matches many transmissions found in the cj-8, I'm posting this thread on this forum. Preemptive apologies to any purists that may be offended. I've recently acquired the ability to bid on...
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    Scrambler tops....

    So I've chopped 13" off my Scrambler and want a full soft top. Any suggestions?