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  1. sommy36

    rear main seal

    Can anyone tell me a step by step method and tools needed to replace rear main seal on an 83 258. I'm going to be installing a newer auto trans (or have the shop do it anyway). I've had some estimates of around $500 to do this. I think it's the seal because oil drips about 1 drip per second...
  2. sommy36

    rear corners

    I need full rear corners and or rear side panels for my '83.
  3. sommy36

    any advice??

    :confused: How to repair... New panels are $210 for each side and I'd rather not part with the money. Can different flares be used that will allow me to cut out stock lips. Could I just cut out lips and weld in sheet metal flush with body and install stock flares, or is this a no no?
  4. sommy36

    she's rusty but she's mine

    :cool: I finally found my Scrambler! I've been looking for a few years for a stock Scrambler and got lucky. I live in Michigan, so there aren't many that haven't been chopped up or totally returned to their base elements in the form of rust. I saw it on Ebay and promptly drove to Evart to get...