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  1. Jeeper_4_Life

    Rear Cargo Tie Down Plate / Fridge Slide

    I have been wanting a fridge slide for a while after ditching coolers and going to an arb fridge. I was against putting any more holes in the bed of the Scrambler so I made an aluminum plate that ties into the rear seat mounting bolts, 1 roll bar bolt on each side, and two bolts up the side by...
  2. Jeeper_4_Life

    AMC401 or LS

    This will probably be longer than I want it to be, but figure the back story is relevant. My Scrambler has gone from 151 Iron Duke, to a Buick 231, to an AMC304 over its life. The Buick to AMC304 I did because the SR4 transmission wouldn't stay in reverse and I was tired of it. I wanted to go...
  3. Jeeper_4_Life

    AMC V8 Oil Leak

    Has anyone had an AMC V8 hemorrhage oil at the top of the timing cover distributor area and run down driver side of the front of the block? Not a drip a lot of oil enough to pool in the valley of the timing cover. I can crawl all weekend no issue, drive 20 mile trip or less at 60 mph no issue...
  4. Jeeper_4_Life

    MHJC All 4 Fun Silverton 2018

    MHJC All 4 Fun even is going to be in Silverton this year 7/28-8/4/18. We've been to Silverton/Ouray/Telluride many times so know the area really well. Never really been to the All 4 Fun though, looks like it would be fun. Anyone going? Anyone ever been to one before and tips or things we...