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    Classic Enterprises Wheelhouse

    All, I need to repair the wheel houses on one of my Scramblers. As is they have rusted through in the flat side wall meets the tub (not the top curved portion). CE sells a replacement wheel house but it seems pricey for me just needing the flat sidewall section repaired. Does anyone know of a...
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    Turn signal and side marker flashing when braking.

    When I apply pressure to the brakes, and the lights are on, the side markers and turn signals illuminate and flash in an alternating pattern. Any ideas on what this is all about? It seems too intricate to be anything other than by design. In a previous life this Overlander was a snow plow at the...
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    Any Overlanders titled/registered in the U.S.?

    I finally got my Overlnader up and running and I now need to get it registered in Illinois. Unfortunately the Title I received has the vehicle listed as a Scrambler. Anyone know of an Overlander titled as such in the States?
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    Proportioning Valve only connected to front brakes

    I'm working on taking the Postal for a test drive and had an interesting discussion with my neighbor regarding the brakes. As is, I've only run a new hardline from the rear resevoir of the master cylinder to the front of the proportioning valve, and then new hardlines from the proportioning...
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    Fuel tank compatability from 4 cyl to 6 cyl

    HI everyone. I'm trying to get my 84 postal (6 cylinder) up and running but I need a fuel tank. The fuel tank that came with the postal doesn't have a sending unit or any of the hardware needed. I do have a spare fuel tank with all of the hardware from my 84 base model (4 cylinder) scrambler...
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    Starter solenoid wire identification

    Can anyone tell me what this connector is supposed to do? It appears to be so badly corroded that it is not making contact with the male end of the solenoid connector. Also, anyone one know what it's called and where I can pick one up?
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    Overlander Top gaps.

    Hey guys, I bought this 84 postal/overlander a couple of years ago. It's been sitting on the side of my house ever since. I'm planning on getting to it as soon as I'm done with my 84 Scrambler rebuild. In any event, I'm going to try to get this thing running so I can relocate it to a friend's...
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    Help with bracing tub for acid dip and rotisserie

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some guidance on how to brace my tub for acid dipping, and then on to a rotisserie for patch repairs and paint. Currently the tub has the roll bar off but the bulk head installed (I'm pretty sure that's what it is called. Either way it's the piece that sits between...
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    Factory tire size for wagon wheels?

    I need to buy new tires but don't know what size to get. Does anyone know what size tire came on Scramblers from the factory? Anyone know what style (brand/model)? I'm trying to get an OEM as possible look for my build. Thanks.
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    A/C unit parts with stock 4 cyl engine radiator

    All, Not too long ago I bought an original a/c unit from a member on the forum. I bought it so I could add a/c to my stock 4cyl engine and thereby make the 8 more enjoyable to the wife and I. At the time, the member was also selling a radiator and I naively did not buy it. My questions are...
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    Help with removing broken mounting bolt for front grill

    All, While I was dissassembing my Scrambler I managed to sheer off a couple of bolt heads. It appears rust-lock and inpatience on behalf got the better of me. Fast forward several months and here I am starting to prep parts for bodywork. I've come to the point where I need to remove the broken...
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    NOS ABC seat exchange highback seat conversion

    Anyone know anything about this product? I've never heard of a highback seat conversion. I currently have my stock low back seats. I've been looking to upgrade to a high back but i'm not sure if this is a good option. Please let me know if anyone has any experience with this product. Thanks...
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    Holes for Tachometer and Clock

    All, I'm looking to add holes in my dash for a tachometer and clock. Any advice on the best method (punch, hole saw)? Any diagrams showing exact distance the center of these holes should be from surrounding gauges? Thanks for your help.
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    Original Stickers?

    Can anyone tell me if these are the original stickers found on the top part of grill in the engine bay? I'm prepping parts to sand and paint and was wondering if I should try to salvage these. If these are original, any suggestions on how to preserve them?
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    Tachometer and clock choices

    All, I'm looking to install a tachometer and clock to my dash. Is there a consensus in the community on who makes a good reproduction tachometer and clock? From my research it seems that Omix-ada, crown automotive, speed hut, collins bros. Any suggestions on which company to go with would be...
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    Thoughts on GR8TOPS Half Hardtop slider window

    All, I'm putting together my Christmas wish list and was figuring I would get stuff for the Scrambler. Does anyone have experience with a rear slider window made by GR8TOPS? Is it worth the $175 plus install? My current rear window in the half hard top is in mint condition. I just think it...
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    Help with a stand for tub.

    Hi everyone. Any recommendations/suggestions on making or buying a stand to get my tub off of the ground? I need to store the tub outside but I want to make sure its elevated high enough to avoid water and wildlife making their home in it. Thanks for the help. -Alex
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    Cleaning inside the frame

    Fellas, I just cleaned out the inside of my Scrambler frame and thought everyone might benefit from the lessons I learned. 1. Get your frame vertical if at all possible. Gravity helpled so much in getting the larger pieces of rusted metal moving to where you can get them out. 2. Use a kit...
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    Help identifying size of bolt holes

    Fellas, I'm new to working on cars and naturally I made many of the obligatory rookie mistakes. One of the most frustrating mistakes has been breaking rusted bolt heads off while stripping the Scrambler to the bare frame. I'm at the point now that I need to remove the bolts. After breaking...
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    Use for mystery holes on body

    Hi fellas, Can anyone tell me what the holes running along the side of the tub are used for? I'm going to repaint the scrambler and am unsure whether I should fill them in or not. Thanks for the help.