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  1. Rosco1974

    Legendary Jeep 4.0-Liter Straight Six All the Way to 861 HP
  2. Rosco1974

    Air Compressor Filtration

    Looking to add a basic ($100-150) filtration system in the shop. There is a lot of different combinations/options out there (sealed cartridge filters, loose desiccant refill, etc.). Run basic air tools and some painting projects. Any experience/recommendations?
  3. Rosco1974

    New Black Denim Seat Skins?

    Got a pair of crusty Laredo seats that I am looking into recovering. Can find Laredo skins but cant seem to find the base skins. Anyone found a good source?
  4. Rosco1974

    Renegade Slot Wheels?

    I am on the hunt for some slots. Two of these came up. Not a slot expert. Are these OEM Renegade or aftermarket? If Renegade, what are they worth?
  5. Rosco1974

    Sweet J-10 Spotted Today

    Went to AIS Paint Supply this morning and spotted this gem. Maybe someday.
  6. Rosco1974

    J-10 Honcho Using New Gladiator Stills from video. Really cool.
  7. Rosco1974

    Rosco1974's 1985 CJ7 Project

    After my CJ8 false start I still couldn't scratch that itch. Called my buddy who always has "an extra" project. He rebuilds Jeeps from the SW so this one was on the back burner. Needs the usual (floors, sides, etc.). Best part: deal includes a donor I sold him with a good running 304/T-176 and...
  8. Rosco1974

    Metro LM99 Door Seals

    Installed a set this evening. Fit better than the last set I bought (dont remember brand). All but two tabs lined up. Length was good. Doors close without looking like a busted can of biscuits. Overall, I can recommend.
  9. Rosco1974

    Warn Fog Lights

    As a fan of most things Warn these came up on Ebay. Inexpensive alternative to Marchal to those looking. Going on a CJ7 project I picked up.
  10. Rosco1974

    Waggy Steering Woes

    Decided to work on my steering. It was previously set up with tie rod in factory holes and cross over up top. Steered well, but the pitman had to be bent up and interfered with the sway bar. Looking for insight. Have the M.O.R.E. steering box mount that will move it forward 1.25" but would...
  11. Rosco1974

    Show me Your Bump Stops

    I am relooking @ my steering and want to know what you are using for bump stops. I need a total of 4.75-5". The factorys are 1.75", so either an extended frame mount or axle mount/frame mount combo.
  12. Rosco1974

    Rear storage seat manufacturer???

    Anyone know who made this rear storage seat? Bolts into the fixed back seat provisions in the floor.
  13. Rosco1974

    Here Goes Nothin’-The Rosco1974 Build Story

    Having never welded a panel, done a complete paint job or filed for bankruptcy I would like to introduce you to my new project. The Good: Came with new floor pans and rear frame support (from PO cutting off with welded on bumper), sliding rear window, there is a bulkhead, no rust in windshield...
  14. Rosco1974

    Solenoid Connector Stand-offs??

    Anyone know what these are called or where you can get them?
  15. Rosco1974

    Round Antenna Base with 1" Hole Question

    My CJ7 needs a new antenna. Have a 1" hole instead of the V-shaped base and need to find a good looking unit, not some cheesy universal. Any recommendations? Considering a chrome TJ unit if cant find something more period correct. Thanks.
  16. Rosco1974

    Floor mat options

    Started looking for floor mats. Appears Collins Bros no longer sells the 720J "Americana" mats....? Anyone stockpiling these or have any recommendations?
  17. Rosco1974

    My New CJ Fire Pit

    Got my new fire pit today. There is a local guy building these for the CJ, YJ and XJ guys.
  18. Rosco1974

    Dana 44 Rear Identification - Dana's Stamping

    Went to the salvage yards today looking for a Dana 44 rear for an upcoming project. Whatever I find will eventually be 5 on 5.5 to match a set of 15x8 CJ wheels. Came across this one, but cannot make heads/tails out of the Dana stampings on it. It partially matches their pattern for Ford...
  19. Rosco1974

    Weatherstrip and Door Panel Vendors and Quality?

    I am in the market for a complete weatherstrip/seal kit and door panels for the scrambler and my YJ. There are several manufacturers for the seal kits (Omix, Fairchild, Metro, Crown, and on...) and reviews seem to be all over the place. Door panels seem about the same. Anyone with experience...
  20. Rosco1974

    Experience with Lower End Pellet Stove for the Shop

    Tractor Supply is running a sale on pellet stoves this week for Black Friday. I had planned on a wood burner, but the ease (venting, fuel, cleanliness) of pellet has me interested. I am in the low end market one these due to price….of course. The two I am considering are the: US Stove or King...