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  1. 4miles

    Free Jeep Cherokee XJ (craiglist humor)

    Saw this on the local craiglist postings tonight.
  2. 4miles

    Gotta be quick

    How many calls do you think this guy got? I saw it 2 hours after it was posted and never got a call back. Did not really expect one.
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    Poly Bushing Lube

    What lube are you using for your poly bushings. The instructions for the bushing kit I installed came with and recommended a silicone based grease. Here are a few that I found and wanted to know what everbody is using or if anyone has used any of these...
  4. 4miles

    Happy Birthday Jeffs396

    :birthday:HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF:birthday::cheers:
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    258 w/4.0 head, hei, headers and MC 2150

    I now have a new summer project......Been looking at options for replacing the motor in my scrambler and this one came up. It is a 258 with new crank, cam and pistons that was built by local machine shop for a rat rod that the original owner went a different route. It also came with 4.0 head...
  6. 4miles

    Desert Tours Scrambler

    My daughter did the San Andreas Fault tour with Desert Adventures today in Palm Springs. They advertise that they have the largest fleet of scramblers with 16 of them. I had her send me a few pictures of the scrambler they rode in. Here they are:
  7. 4miles

    Miles's first Jeep

    Grandson got his first jeep today. I think he is going to be a jeeper, he couldn't have been more excited. :D
  8. 4miles

    304,t-18,300 questions

    Just came across a complete 304, t-18 and 300 combination that I am considering purchasing. This would include the wiring, computer, headers, motor mounts and everything that was bolted to motor when removed whole. This is with out the carburetor. I am told this was a profressionally done...
  9. 4miles

    Rain Gear Cover

    Anyone use a Rain Gear Cover and will it fit with the top on?