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  1. Scramblin Man

    ‘82 SL, “Clyde”

    Nice find ! Looks stock except for maybe the rear bumper. Have to like the survivors. I agree with cleaning up the paint and maybe some CC.
  2. Scramblin Man

    OBDII 4.0L swap tach wiring

    I have heard that if you convert the original 4.2 to a Mopar MPI kit, you have to use a 4cyl tach to make it work correctly. Not sure if that would apply to a 4.0 ??
  3. Scramblin Man

    New to & new 8 owner

    Nice find, survivors are the best IMO. BTW Some of the late production 82's had the shoulder belts/roll bar loops.
  4. Scramblin Man

    1984 CJ-8 we go

    You pick that one up in Burnett, Tx ? Looks like one I looked at a couple of years ago.
  5. Scramblin Man

    Data on Paint Production ?

    Denim refers to the pattern on the seat vinyl. From what you posted, your original seat color was slate blue. Slate blue material is one of the hardest to find. Your door panels were very likely slate blue along with the dash.
  6. Scramblin Man

    Project Blue

    Looks great !
  7. Scramblin Man

    Rear Bumper Restoration

    I'm with DeLuke on the white bumper.
  8. Scramblin Man

    ACME CJ8 hard top I think?

    Not an Acme. Most likely a Classic or Grizzly.
  9. Scramblin Man

    Are these seats original?

    You can find some OEM seats with good frame and foam if you search a little. Then purchase some A/M covers for OEM seats. Probably the easiest method than finding originals with good covers. There are some decent replacement covers on Ebay - not exact OEM copies but 99% of the people would never...
  10. Scramblin Man

    New Cage Installed - Scrambler Restomod

    I’d be interested and I’m close.
  11. Scramblin Man

    Tire clearance at wallyworld again

    Any idea how long till they drop it again ?
  12. Scramblin Man

    Coffee Walk Scrambler edition!!

    I think the codes are the same along with the sequence and location.
  13. Scramblin Man

    Coffee Walk Scrambler edition!!

    I believe the Laredo panels in Scramblers appeared in late 82.
  14. Scramblin Man

    Coffee Walk Scrambler edition!!

    Tommy, you referring to 7’s or 8’s ?
  15. Scramblin Man

    Epic fails

    That looks legit.
  16. Scramblin Man

    Laredo door panel question

    I purchased some chrome tape for mine at Hobby Lobby. Just have to go slow to not wrinkle it or get an air bubble.
  17. Scramblin Man

    What are these holes in the rollbar?

    That would be fun, kinda like the old show Rat Patrol !
  18. Scramblin Man

    Bulkhead c-channel?

    The real trick is finding a Whitco tonneau cover in good shape.
  19. Scramblin Man

    Win A Scrambler

    Looks like I don’t need to go and find my tickets.....