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  1. BIG_Mark

    Guess What?

    I finally did it. Traded the Jeep for a sweet 1994 Discovery. It's great. Jeeping was fun, I loved my mildly lifted on/off road capable rig but didn't have one any more.. I Knew I couldn't get any cash for my pile of parts in the shape of a Jeep. I traded it off to a cool cat named Graeme...
  2. BIG_Mark

    Get out and Vote

    Democrats, Repub... or sorry.."GOP", Libertarians, whatever... GET OUT AND VOTE TODAY!!!! Otherwise you have not eared the right to complain about "the Gubment" See you on the other side! M
  3. BIG_Mark

    NOW who are you voting for?

    Since this poll was taken a few weeks ago I thought I'd see if there was a "change of heart" around here. Again lets keep it civil, I don't care about your political viewpoint or reasons, just wondering "who ya votin for?" Mark
  4. BIG_Mark

    UUgghhh..SPAMMERS MUST DIE!!!!!!

    Not just this site my club's forum has been flooded with spammers, mostly pron. Nice. What a waste of time, and effort, on their behalf and mine (as an Admin) Sheesh I hope this wave just passes fast. Sometimes they do sometimes they don't. Just venting. Mark :mad:
  5. BIG_Mark

    My Photosynth Projects Microsoft has developed a "3D" photostiching software called "Photosynth" it's free and makes cool "Collages" of your pictures. It's super easy to use and makes neat models. Try it and post up Synths of your Jeeps here! Mark
  6. BIG_Mark

    Orange Marking Paint

    Orange Marking Paint makes for great Flame paint jobs. Pics to follow :D
  7. BIG_Mark


    Wheeling is about having fun not being "the ****" I love driving in the hills with friends, My life is changing and I am keeping the wheel in lifestyle, however I am putting the elitist attitude behind me. I just want to have fun with friends. See you all on the trails. Peace! Mark
  8. BIG_Mark

    New Traction trick (wheelin tip)

    Today I found myself hunting for "the line" on a dry slab of granite, my tires were down to 4 lbs and I was idling in 1st gear turning the wheel side to side hunting for traction, but I was having axle wrap issues (actually Tire-Wrapping issues, 4 lbs 42" Iroks), not horribly bad but bad enough...
  9. BIG_Mark

    Remflex Exhaust Gaskets

    Dude!!!! These things are the shizz!!!! My leaking header ain't leakin no mo! Honestly though Since I put these things on my Headers (x2), Collector gaskets (x3) there is no more leaking. My friend put one on his 258 and the leaks are gone, anyone who has installed a manifold/exhaust gasket on...
  10. BIG_Mark

    Coil Over Shocks

    I'm getting two used ones for CHEAP! Now it's buy and learn time, WELDER. Let the games begin :D
  11. BIG_Mark

    Stay On The Trails

    This came up locally and I give credit to my homie Shifty for finding it, Story Published: Apr 1, 2008 at 4:09 PM PDT Story Updated: Apr 1, 2008 at 4:09 PM PDT By Associated Press WENATCHEE, Wash. (AP) - One night of destructive fun has altered the course of nature in a peaceful meadow south...
  12. BIG_Mark

    Broken Leaf Springs

    Broken leaf springs suck. I broke one today, front Drivers, back half, MAIN LEAF. after I walked up the left side of the snow/ice covered wall I was hammering down on trying to climb out of on the right side (4000 RPMs, low range, drop into 3rd gear to "launch" up) I noticed the broken leaf...
  13. BIG_Mark

    Iroks Kick Booty in Snow!

    I just got back from Wheelin Reiter today, ran BYS with 1' of snow over it, FUn stuff, I'm really amazed at how well the tires worked in the deep stuff. My friend however was hating life with his 39" Red Label Krawlers, Competition Krawlers SUCK BIG TIME in the snow. They turn rock hard and do...
  14. BIG_Mark

    Dove Tailing a Bobbed 8

    Well I had to do something, since I broke off one of my Spring-Plate bolts into my 60 housing and the bolt extraction started going south (still not done) I decided to dovetail my Bobbed Cj-8. Heres' the before shots Hmmmnnnnn... is that a Sawzall I see?
  15. BIG_Mark


    Well I'm gettin un-hitched. THe old lady decided we're not meant to be, I've got to side with her on that. Times suck but we are splitting on good terms. I moved my Jeep tow rig and Tools already, tonight is my last evening here in our old home. Sucks having to leave it but it hasn't been "HOME"...
  16. BIG_Mark

    What does it mean when...

    What does it mean when I'm rolling over in my Jeep and the first thing I think about is reaching over to turn off the ignition while still mid roll? :huh:
  17. BIG_Mark

    Latest Modifications

    Well I broke my steering so I sold the old stuff and upgraded to Full Hydro Steering. I didn't feel like screwing it up so I had my friends up at S&N Fab in Arlington WA do the work. They put the orbital valve up where the steering column was. When I was preparing the rig to go to the shop I...
  18. BIG_Mark

    Help I'm infected!!!..with Adware

    Looking for advice here... The Mother in law has a Windows PC infected with Adware/spyware etc.. IE has been hijacked altogether and we need to clean this fawker out. My question to you PC users is what is the best allaround program to get rid of these kind of things? please excuse my...
  19. BIG_Mark

    SNORT Fear Me Challenge #4

    S.N.O.R.T. FEAR ME CHALLENGE #4 Date: 13 August 2006 Location: CLASSIFIED for participants only Course: CLASSIFIED for participants only Requirements: Minimum 35" tires Lockers front and rear Working winch (winch must be capable of pulling the full weight ov the vehicle) 6 point Cage (minimum...
  20. BIG_Mark

    I Fixed My Tach (movie download)

    Went out to Reiter this past Saturday with some friends. I decided to go up the rock face when it was slippery and wet. The upside to this mess was the fact that my Tach wasn't working correctly, after the roll over it works fine, I guess I just needed to shake it upside down a bit! Did I...