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    Bad Fuel Sending Unit?

    I know this has been covered many times, but I'd appreciate some electrical wisdom. Here's my situation... Setup: New sending unit (less than a year old) Gas gauge (visually inspected and windings seem to be fine; cleaned points) Dedicated grounds run to speedo cluster and to sending unit...
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    Seat belt options

    I’m getting an old and rusty scrambler up and running. I’m at the point of choosing seat belts. I have corbeau Baja jp seats and the stock roll bar. Can I use three point belts with these seats? Or do I need to install a harness bar and harnesses for the front seats?
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    Rubicon Express 4.5 Lift Install Question

    I'm about to install the RE 4.5 lift on my CJ8. I seem to recall reading somewhere (maybe on this forum) that the transfer case drop is unnecessary for scramblers due to the length of the drivetrain. Any thoughts or advice on this before I get started?
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    Drivetrain Measurements and Drive Shaft Lengths

    I have an 83 Scrambler (Iron Duke, T176/D300) and have two questions: Drivetrain: I pulled the engine and replaced it with an AMC 304 today. I have the proper frame horns, but realized that I have to move the entire drive train back approximately one inch for the motor mounts and frame horns to...
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    Rear Wiring Harness

    Just bought a wiring harness kit from Centech for my 83 Scrambler (it's effectively and elongated CJ7 harness). The rear harness has leads for red marker lights in the rear quarter panel...which I've learned the CJ7 has but the CJ8 does not. Did I miss something? Is there a reason the leads are...
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    Brake Line Source

    Anyone have a good source for brake lines? The line running from my MasterCylinder to my proportioning valve (primary) is leaking (manual brakes) and I want to replace it. I can only seem to fine it at inlinetube, but I have to buy a full kit.