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  1. jeffs396

    My 1974 J20 project

    Hey everyone, I thought I'd show the main reason as to why the resin Scrambler isn't in production...yet! This is my '74 J20 that I bought in Tempe, Arizona back in 2000. She's 100% rust-free and still sporting the original 401 :smokin: It was originally a Pioneer package in the color combo...
  2. jeffs396

    Resin Scrambler kit on eBay (NOT mine)

    Just found this, haven't seen it out there before, NOT the RMR resin kit or mine, or accurate :rolleyes: I've really gotta get mine done :banghead:
  3. jeffs396

    Another Jeep in our family! :^)

    Here's my little 2.75 year old son Jake's new "Jeep" :thumbsup: Once he outgrows this, I have visions of a gas-engined, full-suspension, single-seater built from this! Maybe from a Quad? I'll have to do the LED headlight mod like Mike (CJeep) did on his for now... Does it look like he...
  4. jeffs396

    Help in finding a stolen pickup in Kansas!

    Just helping a friend ...if you could post this around...Thanks! :fingerscrossed: Here's his post from another site: Posted By: Dan J. Date: Wednesday, 30 March 2011, at 1:50 p.m. My Pickup was stolen last night with all of my Late Fathers tools in it... I am posting this hoping somebody...
  5. jeffs396

    Happy Birthday Eric!!!(bigwalton)

    Happy birthday Eric!!! Hope you have a GREAT day!!! :cheers:
  6. jeffs396

    Happy Birthday Jake!!!

    Happy Birthday to the SOA president! Hope you have a great day Jake! :cheers:
  7. jeffs396

    cyber monday deals @

    Just got this linky from They do have a few Scrambler items...fridge magnet, caricature type CJ-8 drawings, copies of factory promo posters, etc.
  8. jeffs396

    Happy Birthday Sean!!! (CJ ATE)

    Happy Birthday Sean!!! Hope all is well, as you haven't posted in awhile :shrug: Are you still working on the Commando? :popcorn: We need pics! :) Have a great day today!
  9. jeffs396

    Happy Birthday Carl!!!(CBRogers)

    :birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carl!!! :birthday: Hope you have a great day! :cheers:
  10. jeffs396

    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all of you Dads out there! :cheers: And tell your own Father how much you appreciate him on this special day! :thumbsup: Hope everyone gets to do something fun today...
  11. jeffs396

    Are all new Jeep salesmen clueless???

    Went by the local Jeep dealer yesterday to grab a new JK brochure for good reference pics for an upcoming resin project. Ask the salesman if they have any new JK literature...JK??? What's that, never heard of it he says! Wrangler? Oh, yeah, we have those, never heard them called JK before...
  12. jeffs396

    Another scale project...Willys!

    Here's another scale project I've been tinkering with while waiting for the resin Scrambler stuff to come in...a $2.25 ebay score! As it comes new in box...1953 Willys, these come in a panel version too! stakebed removed, looking better already... Ahhh, that's even better! :D I'll...
  13. jeffs396

    Happy Birthday Colby!!!(JeepScrambler)

    :birthday: Happy Birthday Colby!!!:birthday: Hope you have a great day! Wow, to be 24 again! :cheers:
  14. jeffs396

    Happy Birthday zero2wow!!!

    :birthday: Happy Birthday Jeff!!! :birthday: Hope you have a great day! :cheers: Are you really 88??? :smokin:
  15. jeffs396

    Here's what we need for all of this snow!!!

    Looky at this contraption...supposedly from 1929!!! :eek:,213971.0/topicseen.html
  16. jeffs396

    Happy Birthday John N!!!

    Happy Birthday to one of the pillars of this online community! :birthday: :cheers: Hope you had a great day! :thumbsup:
  17. jeffs396

    Congrats to prattjt8d (Ed)!!!

    Would like to congratulate my friend Ed on his new addition(s)!!! Hope all is well with Momma & baby. The "other" addition would be Ed's new Scrambler! :thumbsup: We need pics! :wave:
  18. jeffs396

    Happy Birthday Cincyjeeprs!!!

    Happy Birthday Kevin!!! :cheers: Hope you have a great day! :wave:
  19. jeffs396

    Happy Birthday Cincyjeeprs!!!

    Ability to delete your own post??? I know this belongs in the "site comments & suggestions" area, but this is a duplicate post I couldn't delete, so I used it for this. Is it just me, or don't we have the capabilty? I belong to other sites with this same format, and deleting your own post is...
  20. jeffs396

    First resin Scrambler assembly!!!

    It's time for all of you to help me decide on the direction of the first resin Scrambler build! Should it be stock, or mildly modified, or all out wild? I'll use this for my display model. I've been gathering parts for this such as 35" BFG mud terrains, or 44" Ground Hawgs!, D60 axles (even...