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  1. Daddy Stew

    Question on new Speedometer installation

    I have an '81 that I plan to restore the dash to original gauges. After buying a new speedometer, I now realized that no one apparently sells them with lighting elements for the speedometer. Where can one get the lights for clusters, Hi-Beam, Brake, 4-Wheel Drive and Turn Indicators? My Jeep...
  2. Daddy Stew

    My 1st Scrambler - FINALLY!

    After gawking at other rigs here, on eBay and elsewhere, I was finally able to purchase a CJ-8 for my very own! It's a 1981 tub with everything underneath from a 1985. I purchased her today in Arizona and she will ship back on a transport by the end of the week, after a full soft top and...
  3. Daddy Stew

    Soft Top installer in Phoenix?

    After so many years, I am finally getting my Scrambler that I've always wanted. Will be in Arizona for a reunion, I have my eye on several rigs and a couple would need to have a soft top purchased & installed before I ship it back, because they enjoy them topless for many more days than I can in...