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  1. Polarfire

    Happy Birthday BigWalton!

    Happy Birthday to our fearless leader!! Hope it is good one! :headbang: :birthday: :bacon:
  2. Polarfire

    All AMC Car/Jeep Show in IL

    Saturday May 13th, 2017 in Roscoe, IL
  3. Polarfire

    Happy Birthday Big Walton!

    Happy Birthday to the big cheese, the head honcho, the man with the plan...the guy who keeps this forum the awesome place that it is!! I hope it is a good one! :cheers: :bacon: :headbang: :woohoo: :birthday:
  4. Polarfire

    Newest Addition to the Herd...

    Well, after several months of back and forth with the seller, seller listing it on ebay, being sold, then high bidder backing out of deal three weeks later, then some re-negotiating with the seller and finally making a deal, then nearly another month dealing with shipping issues, I finally have...
  5. Polarfire

    Do you want to do an engine swap...
  6. Polarfire

    Jeep in old garage buried in sand for 40 years gets pulled out this week!

    I'm betting it gets pulled out a rusty chunk at a time!
  7. Polarfire

    Happy Birthday Jims Chop Shop!!

    Happy Birthday Jim!! :birthday: :bacon: :cheers: :headbang:
  8. Polarfire

    New Fire Truck

    As some of you may know, I work for the Columbia, Missouri Fire Department. I'm currently assigned as the engineer (driver) of Engine 1 downtown. Last month I was chosen as the "shepherd" (basically the overseer of the apparatus) of the NEW Engine we are going to be getting to replace our...
  9. Polarfire

    Scale Model Jeep CJ-7 Golden Eagle Build

    I'm not sure how many folks here are into building scale models but I figured this would be a good thread to post up any Jeep builds you might have done or are working on. Or maybe you work on them with your kids like my dad used to do with me. Either way, post them up! Let's keep this to...
  10. Polarfire

    R/C Scrambler...
  11. Polarfire

    Need some assistance in Eugene, OR...(Jeep Bourbon Decanter)

    Anyone close enough to Eugene, Oregon to possibly pick something up and ship for me? Seller doesn't want to do it. I would pay for your time and shipping of course. Let me know, thanks!
  12. Polarfire

    1983 Cherokee

    So some of you may have noticed I've been a bit absent for the last month and a half. Part of that was because I was on vacation with my family in Oregon (Lost Lake) for two weeks and I was pretty much without phone/internet access. During that time I realized how much time I had been spending...
  13. Polarfire

    Happy Birthday Bobcat!!!

    Happy Birthday! I hope it is a good one!! :cheers: :birthday: :bacon: :headbang:
  14. Polarfire

    Anyone near Parker, CO?

    Looking for some possible help with parts in Parker, CO. PM me if you can help. Thanks!
  15. Polarfire

    Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival 2016

    I will be there from Thursday 6/9 - Monday 6/13. I know there are other members going. Post up if you're going and maybe we can all meet up!
  16. Polarfire

    Classic Full Hard Top Hinges

    Anyone know where to get replacement hinges for the rear hatch on a Classic full hard top?
  17. Polarfire

    Chrysler 4.7 swap?

    I have a line on a 4.7 Power Tech V8 out of a '99 Grand Cherokee. The engine is still in the Jeep and I can hear it run. I don't know the miles yet. I'm just weighing options...would this be a good engine to swap into the Scrambler? I don't have any real knowledge of that engine. I currently...
  18. Polarfire

    Happy Birthday MrBeep!

    Happy Birthday Toby! I hope it is a good one!!! :cheers: :birthday: :headbang:
  19. Polarfire

    Happy Birthday Barry!

    I hope it is a great day for you and there are Jeeps involved!! :cheers: :birthday: :woohoo:
  20. Polarfire

    Good Groups for those of you on Facebook...

    Here are a couple of worthwhile groups for those of you who use Facebook: