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    Replacement or repair for Kayline Top

    Well, another thing that has to be repaired..... I took off the half cab soft top earlier this year, and now the weather is getting a little cooler so I decided to put the top back on. Overall it is in pretty good shape, but apparently the threads have dry rotted, all the velcro strips that...
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    Identify temperature sensor for iron duke

    I suspect my temperature sensor is bad, figured it would be a cheap replacement after already replacing thermostat. So, I ordered one from that indicated it would work, but it only fit the AMC 4cyl engine, not the GM Iron duke. Of course the description indicated it would. I find that...
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    Newbie- CJ8 Scrambler

    I might be the receipient of a gift from my father in law. It is a 1981 CJ8 scrambler 4 cyl, straight shift that runs OK and has new paint. My question is. Where can I find information related to what the jeep came equipped with when new. What is the original specs etc. He has had it...