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    Alternator Overcharging

    Have an unusual situation that I hope maybe some one else has already been through. Will try to keep is short and simple. 83 with 4.2 and manual tranny. Was trying to diagnose an ignition problem (no spark at coil, except when getting on the key or getting off of it) for a while, then once I...
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    Clint Bowyer's 1979 Peterbilt & ????

    Not sure how many other NASCAR fans we have, but I always pull for Clint. Saw this video and I think they missed the real story as I was more interested by the vehicle in the background, though the history of the Peterbilt was pretty cool. <iframe width="640" height="360" src=""...
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    83 258 Carter BBD - Have to flood it to start when hot

    Looking for any suggestions/advice. Had the jeep running well, except it would die when coming to a stop. Would always start right back up and run good under power. Did my research and found information on the clogged idle tubes. Followed the directions found here and that solved that...