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  1. Bugman

    Full soft top hardware

    I just picked up another Scrambler that has the full soft top but only the hardware for the doors. I have nothing for the back except the clips that bolt into the tub. It's a Bestop full length soft top. Where might I look for these bows?
  2. Bugman


    Stressful times at the ol' household lately. Two months ago my mother died and two months to the day my dad died (two days ago). We're trying to keep the Christmas spirit around here but it's a challenge. I don't usually talk about these things very much but I feel compelled to share a little...
  3. Bugman

    Tire help

    I'm not sure this goes here (Eric feel free to move thread as needed) but a while back there was some mention of some tire manufacturer (BFG ?) buying the old style MTR mold from Goodyear. I'd LOVE to get that tread pattern again. Seems to meet my needs well. Anyone know anything about...
  4. Bugman

    Air box?

    My fresh air box is leaking so bad that I might hold swimming lessons in it. I've sealed what I could but I think I'm going to have to pull it to fix it. If I seal the vent on the hood cowling will it reduce my heating air flow? Is this where the heater gets it's air? Any help would be nice...
  5. Bugman


    Moved thread.
  6. Bugman

    A few pics

    I'm doing a little practicing with posting pics. I ran across a couple pics off my cell phone of the postal top. They're not really good shots but I'll get better ones soon. The paint looks a little orange in the pics but it's actually red.
  7. Bugman


    Anyone know how to post pics? I've had offers to email to others and they'd post them but I'd like to learn how to do it myself. When it comes to these computer skills I'm HUGELY ignorant:confused: but I'm willing to try. Thanks for any help.
  8. Bugman

    Just when you think...

    I went to the body shop where my postal top is being painted and they had one side attached to the Scrambler. Well, I was met at the shop door by the owner, who is a good friend and gave me a SMOKIN deal on this, and was offered a beer. Uh oh. Well, the top looked great except the color shade...
  9. Bugman

    Some people...

    Some people have all the luck. Last night I ran into the father of a child that plays soccer with my youngest son. The last time I saw him was at the end of last year's soccer season and he was just about to go pick up a Jeep his father sold to him for a dollar. I hadn't heard from him all...
  10. Bugman

    Another Scrambler sighting

    I was eating lunch with the family in an IN-n-OUT burger joint in Sacramento CA, after delivering a YJ I had for sale, and my two boys started shouting and saying a Scrambler was approaching the drive through. Well! I just HAD to go introduce myself and compliment him on his choice of...
  11. Bugman


    I know this should probably be in the "wanted" section but this is a little different. I'm looking for a Scrambler fire truck. I've checked most of the threads I could find here and have seen some nice rigs but I'm looking for something that might need some work. I'm trying to find one to...
  12. Bugman

    Electric or Air?

    I'm going to lock up my dana 44's and I don't know which way to go. I really like the idea of the Detroit Electrac but I'm in snow a lot and have had a problem with my starter freezing up when I go wheeling in deep snow. I'm wondering if this might happen to the solenoid at the diff cover. I...
  13. Bugman


    I'm close to getting my rig out of the paint booth and am looking for the Scrambler decals and the hood trim. I really liked the look of the Laredo trim I had, although it still had "SCRAMBLER" on the hood, and I see that just the black letters are available. I'm looking for the gray lettering...
  14. Bugman

    How rare?

    I just recently picked up an 84 Scrambler Laredo with no rust and comlete. It has a half hardtop and 5 spd, black. I plan on putting in all my running gear from my wrecked YJ (d44's, ax15, tera low t-case, lift a/c, etc.) with new paint and full hardtop. Should be a sweet rig when I'm done...