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  1. Chamba

    The axle swap/wheel picture thread!

    It is the rock hard. I like it a lot, though i wish they'd put a 15° bend in it and tucked it back a bit. That would make shoulder belts a lot easier to install. They could simply make it follow the rear window of the hardtop and it would be perfect. I may do that one day using this hardware...
  2. Chamba

    The axle swap/wheel picture thread!

    I covered the weights with Gorilla tape per a suggestion on here. Also a pic of what happened to my weights on the 15" rim due to the new calipers. Plenty of clearance now with the 16" rims.
  3. Chamba

    The axle swap/wheel picture thread!

    Some before and after shots. I'm a little surprised how much further in the rear wheels are with only 1/2" more back space. I wish the rear flares were about 1" narrower....I could almost put the factory flare back on. Before:
  4. Chamba

    Current Scrambler pics

    Must be new shoe day!
  5. Chamba

    High Output Alternator recommendations?

    I had a Mean Green in my Land Cruiser for years without issue. My Jeep has a 351W and I was able to get a 125 amp at the Napa. I didn't check whether they had one for a 258, but I know nothing was offered for the Toyota 2F by Napa or the others. That was the only reason I got the Mean Green.
  6. Chamba

    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    My frame is perfect, zero rust at all but I wish it was like yours. If it were I'd have gotten a TDK frame when I restored it. I just couldn't bring myself to replace a perfect frame..... so now i have frame envy.
  7. Chamba

    GREATCJ8 Restoration V3

    Is that getting the raptor liner off?
  8. Chamba

    Advice, suggestions

    I sold mine for $900 for both: recently rebuilt, rear locker, no leaks and totally rust free with new brakes and tie rod ends. We were both happy with the deal.
  9. Chamba

    Head Light Switch replacement

    High beam switch on the floor. That can cause some of those issues and is a cheap item to replace. With the factory wiring you can get a ground loop through that if it's faulty.
  10. Chamba

    100 questions

    I wish I still had the magazine. I always leave my magazines at work for the next guy to read when I'm done with them. Should have thought of sharing it here at the time....... sorry.
  11. Chamba

    100 questions

    One thing I do miss about Land Cruisers is the bi-monthly publication Toyota Trails put out by the Toyota Land Cruiser Association. It was a high quality publication dealing only with Toyota vehicles. Imagine the Scrambler Owners' Association having a publication dedicated to the CJ. The TLCA...
  12. Chamba

    100 questions

    I subscribe to Hemmings Classic Car and LOVE it. They recently had a great article on the CJ but they cover everything from older American iron to German, English and even French 'iron'. Great publication. Like you, I love magazines..... but then we're old. Hell, I still get the Wall...
  13. Chamba

    Remembering: where were you on September 11th

    Thank you Mike.
  14. Chamba

    82 Scrambler Build

    That dash looks fantastic. Who cut it out for you?
  15. Chamba

    Remembering: where were you on September 11th

    I'm not sure if this is a good place for this topic, but maybe it can be moved if not. Or please remove it if you feel it's not appropriate for this forum Bigwalton. Given today is the 20th anniversary, maybe it would be interesting to know where some of the guys on here were when the world...
  16. Chamba

    Value this CJ7

    Disregard what I said then Frank. My 7 was an '85, so it must have had the AMC 150. I had it back in '94, but I didn't have it very long. The guy I bought it from called it an Iron Duke and that's what I called it too: obviously incorrectly. But the AMC 150 performed well enough around town...
  17. Chamba

    What to do?

    I've got the fuel injected 351W, AX15, dana 300 going to Dana 60 rear and 44 front. I'm very happy with the whole setup but if i didn't have the 351W already, the LS is the way I would have gone. The AX15 is a nice box and seems really well suited to the nearly 300 horse I'm putting through...
  18. Chamba

    Value this CJ7

    Seems like a great deal to me. I had an iron duke 7 at sea level and it was adequate. Over about 2000' or going up to Mount Hood it was slower than a wet week. Mine was a 5 speed but I could almost never use it as it would bog the engine down too much. For an occasional driver though it'll be...
  19. Chamba

    1985 Scrambler - Leaking rear axle housing/replacement

    X2 for East Coast Gear Supply. If you can afford it, they are fantastic and solve every issue at once with new brakes, etc I have their Dana 60 rear, Dana 44 front and couldn't be happier