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  1. CJ8LVR

    Iron mountain resort in north Ga mountains

    Don't get too excited, those 150 miles are predominantly SxS "trails" and they do not yet have very many full-size "Jeep trails". But, it's good to have another park in the region, certainly closer to the "State of Atlanta" population. Before this, AOP and Beasley Knob were the closest.
  2. CJ8LVR

    Great smoky mountains Jeep invasion

    This was a record year this year. Numbers through the gates: 4,750 Thursday 9,750 Friday 14,250 Saturday Total 28,750 people Approximate 12,777 Jeeps There was quite the mix. I'm no fan of the bolt-on, never wheel JKs and JLs but the classics there satisfied my enthusiasm for the event. The...
  3. CJ8LVR

    Pitman arm and tie rod making contact

    John, here's a resurrection of a real old thread. I've just gone through some tidying up of my system and wondered if you ever got this sorted out. I'm running that same MORE bracket now for a PSC gearbox (moved it forward 1.25") and I'm running a stock (flat) CJ Pitman arm and as far as I can...
  4. CJ8LVR

    Adding a third bow to a Scrambler Bestop Supertop

    I wonder how much you could cut out of those bows to drop it down before it starts getting saggy. Only so much material in it. An additional bow would take out some of the slack of course but there's gotta be a limit in there.
  5. CJ8LVR

    Adding a third bow to a Scrambler Bestop Supertop

    There's been a lot of discussion on this of late over on F/B. Lemme know if any of y'all have any questions aside from the usual "where can I find a used bow" question. Can't help you *much* there.
  6. CJ8LVR

    Odyssey battery sale

    Nice! These are great batteries. Guys I know in Ultra4 racing are very happy with them. Optima has declined in quality over the last few years based on what I'm seeing in the industry. That code knocked of about $60 on the one I'm looking at (34-PC1500T) and free shipping. Not too bad...
  7. CJ8LVR

    An update, could use some prayers.

    Randy, I'm so sorry to hear of all of this you're going through. Prayers for sure.
  8. CJ8LVR

    2020 Scrambler Owner Association - National Scramble - Rausch Creek, Pine Grove PA

    Yep, we just had to make it earlier this year to mitigate contending with the heat in SW Utah. It gets HOT there in June. Geography was a factor for sure. I'm glad we can do it later next year too.
  9. CJ8LVR

    2019 Scrambler Owners Association - National Scramble - Hurricane, UT

    Just wanted to chime in here as I've just now found time to come back and revisit this thread. I remember having discussions with the board and others trying to sell folks on this location. It wasn't completely easy as I was among probably two other members that had ever been to the area. With...
  10. CJ8LVR

    2019 Scrambler Owners Association - National Scramble - Hurricane, UT

    For those of y’all coming out for the National at Sand Hollow, I have a little suggestion that will help you. Most of y’all don’t visit the desert southwest very often. Most of you likely live below 1,000 feet elevation. Over the next few days before you leave and as you travel this way, try and...
  11. CJ8LVR

    My Newest Project - Me !?!?

    Hey guys, don't be discouraged about the notion of not having something that you and your rig can handle. There's really a LOT of great trails out there that anyone can tackle. What you "see" of the Sand Hollow trails are usually the crazy technical, "big-boy" trails but there's a lot below...
  12. CJ8LVR

    2019 Scrambler Owners Association - National Scramble - Hurricane, UT

    Just registered the family! See y'all at Sand Hollow.
  13. CJ8LVR

    2019 Scrambler Owners Association - National Scramble - Hurricane, UT

    Sand Hollow State Park probably your best, closest option to camp. Hotels are a free-for-all. Many close by along the "Main Drag" between Sand Hollow Off Road shop (event location) and Hurricane, UT.
  14. CJ8LVR

    2019 Easter Jeep Safari?

    Pretty sure I'm going. 0% planned right now. I'm way ahead this year on planning.
  15. CJ8LVR

    spankrjs's Biloxi, MS '83 Scrambler

    Chasing vibrations is not fun. I've been dealing with some in mine for a while now. I'm now leaning toward a wheel or tire out of balance. Like you, I'm good up until just above 65mph or so. With my engine, gearing, tires, etc, I can and usually do cruise on long trips even towing a trailer...
  16. CJ8LVR

    2019 Scrambler Owners Association - National Scramble - Hurricane, UT

    The State Park has RV sites as well and the prices may be a little better. Link in OP.
  17. CJ8LVR

    Times They Are A Changin'

  18. CJ8LVR

    Camp Fire - Northern California - Tale of Woe....

    We send our thoughts and prayers from Alabama. Very tough situation. Grateful, at least, for the fact that your immediate family made it out physically safe.
  19. CJ8LVR

    Lost our Jeep Pup

    Awe man! So sorry. I remember meeting CJ in South Dakota.