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  1. Sfisher

    Signal Peak Trail - CA

    My favorite forum category doesn't get much love lately so I thought I'd add one to the Trip Reports. If you're in the northern Sierras and haven't been to Signal Peak it's an easy or challenging trail (your choice) with awesome views. We came up the easy way from the east and made our way to...
  2. Sfisher

    Name this dash light!

    This dash is soon to have a few holes patched up and painted. However this particular dash light spot is a head scratcher. I’ve gone down the Google rabbit hole and am still empty. Any ideas on what it’s for?
  3. Sfisher

    Deer Valley 2019

    The trip report/outdoor activities category is my favorite on this site but it gets no love! My addition this time is another Deer Valley trip south of Lake Tahoe. This is an organized trip by the Tahoe Hi-Lo's and is always followed by a delicious dinner and a good raffle. Probably 50+ rigs...
  4. Sfisher

    Deer Valley Poker Run

    This weekend was an organized poker run hosted by the Tahoe Hi-Lo's outside of Markleeville, CA. Buddy with a TJ and I went up with our kids to enjoy the fun. I haven't been on Deer Valley since '09 so it was good to get back on it. Reminded me why it was one of my favorite trails. The views...
  5. Sfisher

    Hellhole Jeep Trail

    This weekend a buddy of mine (with a TJ) and I wanted to get our boys out on the trail but was hoping for a spot that may not be packed with Memorial Day campers. So we made the trip up to Hellhole in El Dorado Nat'l Forest. Lucky for us we literally saw zero people on the trail. Great...
  6. Sfisher


    Any geocachers out there? If so, post up!! We go under Steve&Jen.
  7. Sfisher

    Project Slow and Steady

    Well I'm as ready as I'll ever be. I'm ready to start this build. I hope that people don't get bored with my rambling sometimes but I would like to be detailed in this project. I also like pictures. So I'm going to supply plenty. What we have here is my 1984 Scrambler Laredo that I bought...
  8. Sfisher

    14 bolt. Move the gas tank?

    I'm interested in doing a 14 bolt swap and wondering of the guys who have done this what they did with their gas tank. Did you have to move it back and if so how far. Any input would be great. Thanks.
  9. Sfisher

    Rear Heater? Would it work?

    Here is the situation. I'm adding a third row to the Scrambler so it can be the family wheeler. I have three small kids that I want to take with me wheeling along with the wife. I have a brand new aftermarket heater: www.quadratec.com/products/92060_100.htm that I bought several years ago...
  10. Sfisher

    My first Scrambler

    After searcing Craigslist for almost a year I finally located and purchased my first Scrambler. I've had a couple of CJ7's in the past but the addition of three kids made the 7's too small. Couldn't go without a Jeep so the 8 was the solution. Anyways happy to be here and look forward to the...