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  1. Rosco1974

    What's on your Work Bench?

    If a hoses says "not for fuel injection" its also not for coolant... just saying
  2. Rosco1974

    Epic fails

    Not auto related, but... I went to turn on a friends closet light today. Felt something weird in the dark and then felt what you would expect. Added 11 years ago. No wire nut on neutral or ground. Live plug on floor.
  3. Rosco1974

    Current Scrambler pics

    Out of captivity after new rear springs, poly motor/trans mounts and raising cross member.
  4. Rosco1974

    Aftermarket Steering Wheel

    Nice style choice. You used to be able to get a Jeep horn button for those. Anyone remember?
  5. Rosco1974

    Missing firewall vin tag

    I dont believe there is
  6. Rosco1974

    Aftermarket Steering Wheel

    My 8 had a Grant GT steering wheel when I bought it. Its smaller.
  7. Rosco1974

    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    Came across an ad for axles with just a glimpse of a wheel (sold separately). Asked for pics. Ended up buying a set of forged slots (not Jeep unfortunately) for $140. I love these things!!!
  8. Rosco1974

    What's on your Work Bench?

    Rerouted my 4.0L fuel lines. They have been temped in for too long.
  9. Rosco1974

    Stacey David’s Gearz

    Looks like mine!!
  10. Rosco1974

    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    Both have their reason/place for sure.
  11. Rosco1974

    Prothane Motor Mounts

    FYSA Prothane poly motor mounts are 1/4" taller. When I went to Sand Hollow in 2019 my fan rubbed the shroud just a bit on the trail. Decided to switch to poly @ engine and transmission. Dont think this is going to fix it...lol Dont remember if I used the 4.0L or 4.2L fan so I will have to see.
  12. Rosco1974

    Rosco1974's 1985 CJ7 Project

    I wanted a red V8 CJ. well, I didn't get that, but I got this. Novak installed 5.3L, 4L60E with 4.10 gears. The Dana 35 will grenade.
  13. Rosco1974

    Recognize this dealer package?

    I have done it before...
  14. Rosco1974

    Recognize this dealer package?

    Cant seem to locate the thread. Anyone recognize this one?
  15. Rosco1974

    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    My Dana 300 needs a cover seal, so why not just buy a fully rebuilt twin stick unit for $300. Lol
  16. Rosco1974

    Postal Rear Leaf Sping Question

    Working on my buddies postal this weekend. Pulled the rear wheels and found 7 leaf springs with "Alaska Spring" painted on the top. Looked and it appears they are from Alaska Sping and Performance. Any idea/history of these being postal upgrades, warranty replacements or just Aftermarket?
  17. Rosco1974

    Opinion on the Warn M8000/5687

    They are cool. Can be converted to solenoid control. Power in and out (no free spool). Parts support is low, so needs to be a good one. I like them on early Jeeps. Going rate here is $150-250.