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  1. Moabite

    Scrambler is safe!

    It look's like the Scrambler's name is safe. The new Jeep truck will be called Gladiator according to confirmed leaks yesterday. I've had mixed feelings about reviving the Scrambler name, refusing to refer to the new Jeep truck as anything other than JT. I've always liked the original...
  2. Moabite

    Hagerty's hottest collectibles

    Hagerty just included the 76-86 CJ-7 in their list of the 9 hottest collectible cars for 2018. Seems like that would bode well for the MUCH rarer Scrambler. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2017/12/06/the-bull-market-list
  3. Moabite

    2017 Jeep Safari Concepts

    Jeep teased a couple of photos of this year's concepts yesterday and the full reveal is set for Thursday. There are usually a half dozen or so concepts at the Safari. I always look forward to these concepts...even though they are sometimes just highly-accessorized vehicles. They had some nice...
  4. Moabite

    The A and the 8

    Almost simultaneously with the re-discovery and re-acquisition of my Scrambler, Peterson's 4-Wheel & Off-Road reprinted a four-page 1981 review of the Scrambler in their May, 2016, issue. It included a comparison of the newly-introduced CJ8 with a 1929 Model A Roadster pickup (see below)...
  5. Moabite

    BedRug kit for Scrambler cab

    So the Scrambler still had it's original carpeting. It was in great shape except for a hole on the driver's side. It's strange, though, that the factory merely cut rough holes for the shifters and simply placed the carpet loosely over the boots. Easier to remove, I guess. But the modular...
  6. Moabite

    Remove priceless End Caps?

    So it seems, from what I've read on this forum, that the nearly pristine end caps on my rear bumper are nearly priceless. I need to re-finish that bumper since the paint is chipping in a few spots, there is rust on the inside (the only real rust on the entire Jeep), and the guy who stored it...
  7. Moabite

    It's coming home.

    Hey kidz. My name is Frank and I'm just another Scrambler junkie. I have been since I proudly drove a shiny new 1982 SR home from a dealer in Monticello 34 years ago. It was blue with a white hardtop. My new mechanical friend and I spent 14 years exploring the backcountry trails around Moab...