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  1. MomoJeep

    T5 transmission any good?

    So my 83 Scrambler came with a stock T-5. It seized up on me, on the freeway doing 65mph, scared the crap out of me and could've caused a wreck as the rear end went into fishtails. I know they are considered relatively weak. After my previous experience I'm spooked. If I buy a Jeep from the...
  2. MomoJeep

    Which axle has faster tire wear, front or rear?

    Conventional wisdom says front tires wear faster due to handling both the majority of braking and steering. Is this necessarily true? (I don't rotate tires as often as I should, and noticed the front were indeed more worn. So I swapped them with the rear, and it's been several thousand miles...
  3. MomoJeep

    High Output Alternator recommendations?

    Anyone recommend an Alternator with higher output than the oem replacement? Are they typically in stock at parts stores, or do they have to be special ordered?
  4. MomoJeep

    Has anyone put coil spring on their CJ - like this guy did?

    And the bigger question I have is ... How much better would the ride be on WASHBOARD roads? https://www.jeeps.net/threads/coil-over-conversion.2276/
  5. MomoJeep

    Should I get a special "off-road" muffler...?

    I need a new exhaust. I'm not too concerned with : - Trying to increase the engine's performance - The sound (I prefer LESS noise!) I AM concerned with - CLEARANCE (my previous muffler was bulky, ended up rotating and hanging down lower than x-member/T-case skid plate! Other than that, is...
  6. MomoJeep

    Fire extinguisher location/bracket??

    How do you guys attach fire extinguishers to your roll bar? On my roll bar (not the main hoop, but one of the two angled parts going down to the bed) has two holes through it that look like they are from the factory. Is this where an extinguisher is supposed to go?
  7. MomoJeep

    Zinc oil additive for flat tappet 258??

    I have never gotten a conclusive answer to this question... Some say today's oils are NOT good enough for a flat tappet engine. That a zinc/ddp additive is needed. Other's say buy a high-quality oil and you'll be ok. I don't want to risk it. Does anyone know for sure if there are modern oils...
  8. MomoJeep

    Co-ownership of a Jeep CJ!? Anyone have experience?!?

    Hello All, I want to buy (another) Jeep CJ (7 or 8), but guess what, I don't want to pay for the whole thing! Bear with me... I would use this Jeep occasionally. For fun. for running trails. Other than that it would sit un-used most of the time. Let's say you have two neighbors, and the...
  9. MomoJeep

    Coolant Mystery...

    OK, so after a few thousand miles, I find my coolant level LOW again, but the level is HIGH in the overflow reservoir. So I transfer from overflow back to radiator, which seems almost enough to refill the radiator. BACKGROUND - New radiator and new 4.0L head on my 258. No coolant in the oil...
  10. MomoJeep

    Door Hinge Mystery

    So I order these hinge liner/bushings... https://www.quadratec.com/p/crown-automotive/door-hinge-bushing-kit-wrangler-tj-yj-cj5-cj7-rt25008 They come, but they don't fit. I Call, and they SWEAR they fit jeep CJ 1983. Their theory is that my hinges are not original OEM. Well, that's possible...
  11. MomoJeep

    CJ8, Scrambler, Renegade, Laredo... How to tell?

    So is it correct that there were four variations of trim packages? - CJ8 (Base) - Scrambler - Renegade - Laredo ? And since mine is a resto-mod, how can I tell what version it originally was?
  12. MomoJeep

    Who considers Jeep CJ's to be a "Quality" vehicle?

    I'm talking from the era of approx 1976-1986.. Relative to other cars/trucks, and for their time period.. (I was too young to know - other than that a 1976 Toyota Corolla would go 200,000+ quite reliably..) And I'm not talking about how much we love them. I'm talking compared to other vehicles...
  13. MomoJeep

    Looking for the most obscure part! Steering Wheel tilt lever...

    When I got my Scrambler, this part was missing. I screwed a long skinny bolt into the threads, but would like to find the correct part if it's out there? It's right behind the turn signal lever on steering columns with a tilt steering wheel... Anyone?
  14. MomoJeep

    Metal fuel lines - Double clamp, or flare?

    I need to cut metal fuel line coming out of the tank. If I do there will no longer be a "barb" on the end of it. It's on the low pressure side of the pump. I think I can just double clamp the hose on. But I could use a brake line flaring tool to create a barb. Is that necessary or even worth...
  15. MomoJeep

    Spare Tire Rack repair/upgrade (oem)

    Is your spare tire rack worn out and rattling like mine (was)!? I know there are "big, fancy, impressive and expensive" after-market alternatives out there. But I don't plan on running tires bigger than 33" and want to put my gas cans and hi-lift somewhere else. So I beefed my oem rack up a...
  16. MomoJeep

    Floor matt accelerator pedal intereference

    So I have an aftermarket carpet PLUS these Rugged Ridge floor mats.. REASON: I want to keep my wet boots from letting water get to the floor pan sheet metal. And contain the mud/salt/snow etc. But now my accelerator pedal does not go all the way down. And solutions other than cutting out the...
  17. MomoJeep

    Weird Steering noise/vibration SOLVED

    Hey Guys! I'm writing about this in hopes it may be useful to someone else in the future. This seems to be to be an unusual and unexpected situation. I put in a new steering box (Lares) to get rid of the slop in the 20+ year old box. It worked, however shortly thereafter there was this weird...
  18. MomoJeep

    Wrangler side bars on a CJ?

    My Scrambler has the standard roll bar. I have had roll cages before but don't want that for this jeep. I have some of those "side bars" that Wranglers have going drom the top corners of the windshield frame to the roll bar, and it seems they could fit on my Scrambler. Question: (1) Do you...
  19. MomoJeep

    Noisy elec fuel pump? Too hot? Wrong location?

    My HESCO pump lasted 10 years. Impressive. Replaced it with one of the ones they put in F150's. After 20 mins of driving it's whining like a baby. My HESCO pump would occasionally do the same thing *IF* it was really hot out and I was pushing it hard. But this one is doing it just driving down...
  20. MomoJeep

    Fog and Driving Combo lights!? Good Brands?

    I'd love to find one set of aftermarket lights that can do both. I want REAL fog lights, for actual fog. But also just general driving lights. I thought I once saw a set that could be switch into one of two modes. Anyone know of those? Also, there are way too many options when looking at...