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  1. DeLuke

    Scrambler emblems on the sides of the bed?

    Good question here. If pressed for an answer, I would agree that these side emblems started in 1985. Someone might check the original dealer brochures or historical pictures. The 1985 brochure has a white Laredo Scrambler with the side "Scrambler" emblems. Since the 1985 hood said Laredo (or...
  2. DeLuke

    Car Cover for 1984 Scrambler?

    Same thing (4-dr Cherokee XJ) but mine wasn't from JCWhitney. Maybe Quadratec.
  3. DeLuke

    They want to buy the forum... again. Membership thanks and explanation.

    Thanks for everything that you've done and continue to do for the forum and all the members.
  4. DeLuke


    Interesting chart. Using google, the B46 appears to be the RA5-J key (and a GM-key) so makes sense.
  5. DeLuke


    Here's my 2 cents as I have these for my Jeeps. RA4 keys will work for up to 1984 CJs and J-trucks (probably other models but that's all I have). The RA5-J keys (shown above and J is the important designation) work with 1985-1986 because the lock cylinder is different than pre-1985. The J...
  6. DeLuke

    Rocker Panel R&R

    Use that aerokroil or PB Blaster to help break the rust bond then grab a flathead screwdriver and hammer. Hold the molding up with one end on the ground (consider using some padding) and lean it somewhat against a wall. Keep the screwdriver and hammer direction at a very low angle (as parallel...
  7. DeLuke

    Current Scrambler pics

    Sorry, I do not. There may be some other information on the correct nutmeg paint for hard tops out here somewhere though.
  8. DeLuke

    The Case of the Curious Bumper

    Agreed. This is either a 76-78ish CJ-5/7 bumper or maybe a sportside J-truck bumper. The lip and light holes are definitely J-truck style. The townside J bumpers are longer than CJ bumpers but not sure about sportside.
  9. DeLuke

    CJ8, Scrambler, Renegade, Laredo... How to tell?

    I've monitored the market and seen over a half dozen, but they have mostly been repainted and hard to tell. I have seen a couple that could/might have original paint but no real confidence. From what I can tell, they were branded "CJ-7 Limited." They had our rear CJ7 emblem in the grill area...
  10. DeLuke

    CJ8, Scrambler, Renegade, Laredo... How to tell?

    Overly technical, but from 1981-84 the Renegade and Laredo trims (from the 7's and 5's) were called SR and SL, respectively, on the Scrambler. Each said Scrambler on the hood - instead of Renegade or Laredo. That was the case until 1985 until they were truly called Renegades and Laredo and got...
  11. DeLuke

    Need help 1985 cj-8

    Post more pictures of the interior and the engine bay, and we can tell you more.
  12. DeLuke

    What trim level is my 81?

    Building on this response. If if the interior code ends in A, you know it was a base. If it ends in B, it could be a Renegade or base with upgraded denim texture seats. If it's B and has holes for factory rocker trim, then it's highly likely it was a Renegade.
  13. DeLuke

    Current Scrambler pics

    Here’s a good recent picture of my beige 82.
  14. DeLuke

    New to CJ8.com & new 8 owner

    Nice, not too far. Let me know if you need anything with it. I like the shoulder belts much better as well.
  15. DeLuke

    New to CJ8.com & new 8 owner

    Nice. Definitely looks like a pretty original SL version: original chrome wheels and appears like original paint. I spy an extra later-year rollbar too! We're here for advice.
  16. DeLuke

    bigwalton's new Jeep: "The Colonel" - 2018 Rubicon Recon JKU

    By the way, I love the "Colonel" nickname. That should be trademarked or made into an emblem.
  17. DeLuke

    bigwalton's new Jeep: "The Colonel" - 2018 Rubicon Recon JKU

    That thing looks awesome.
  18. DeLuke

    Factory Clock repair

    You can find shops around that will service them. I've heard these guys have a great reputation but have not used myself: https://www.clocksandgauges.com/
  19. DeLuke

    Help me pick wheels

    Here’s a pic of mine after polish on the Jeepster.
  20. DeLuke

    Help me pick wheels

    Congrats on grabbing those! Think that's a good price too. It's a little less than I paid for either of my 2 recent sets of 4, plus I shipped one. With a little polish yours will come out great. I used Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish. Bought that and some drill-bit polishing pads and went to...