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  1. don87401

    Car Cover for 1984 Scrambler?

    I used a Cherokee (smaller ones not the full size) cover for mine with the full top on, wasn't a perfect fit but worked. I think back then I ordered it through JC Witney.
  2. don87401

    Someone called it a TJ 6

    I have let it sit for a few days and no change I am going to have go looking.
  3. don87401

    100 questions

    "Also not a topless man, I'm concerned plastic top will generate heat, do they? I was thinking of adhering some sort of heat insulator of inside of top, if I could do it professionally looking. Since not driving, don't know" Paint a white square on top makes a lot of difference. Just start...
  4. don87401

    Someone called it a TJ 6

    Yep I may try and loosen it up and see what i can do with it. But it will be a while of on another vacation so it has to wait.
  5. don87401

    They want to buy the forum... again. Membership thanks and explanation.

    I agree with all the above statements!! There are only 2 Jeep Forum that I follow regularly, this one and Early CJ-5. Occasionally I run across other forums searching for something I am glad I don't pay for those forums. You Do a Great Job at keeping this the BEST forum.
  6. don87401

    Current Scrambler pics

    You have trained them will if they can drive a manual trany!! Watch for Boy's to follow, my Niece borrowed mine one evening and hooked her now husband.
  7. don87401

    Someone called it a TJ 6

    Looks like it is in the ignition switch, jumped the solenoid and it started. I had issues getting the steering column switch set when installing, looks like a revisit is at hand.
  8. don87401

    Someone called it a TJ 6

    I took it down to fill it with gas, finished the fill up tried to start it power comes then nothing!!. Towed it home. Now to find out why.
  9. don87401

    Someone called it a TJ 6

    Cool those are my knees in the back ground, should have said Hi. He got a good picture of it.
  10. don87401

    Someone called it a TJ 6

    Nope didn't win, there 3 or 4 all most original, show quality CJ7's took the CJ class and best of show.
  11. don87401

    Someone called it a TJ 6

    Took the CJ6 to the AC shop they have had it for a week and a second compressor failed we are tying to find out why. Talked to a lot of people about why. Gave up on the "New Compressors" and flushed out the old orginal one that was on the motor. One of the experts said we were not putting in...
  12. don87401

    What's on your Work Bench?

    I went to using centrimatic balance rings on my F450 my front tires have wearing better and lasting longer. Been happy with them. Just a thought.
  13. don87401

    New to me- 1982 Scrambler

    Very nice you will enjoy it.
  14. don87401

    Tammy Scrambler Gets a Facelift

    Sanded this one down and coated it with Dupicolor bed liner been several years now holding up well. You can see in the second pic I also painted a big white square on top.
  15. don87401

    Jeep Art

  16. don87401

    Someone called it a TJ 6

    Kinda of a quick up date on this. Been taking it on short drives and trying to work out bugs. There have been a few. Thought I had the cooling figure out took a longer drive and it was getting hot again. Figured that out, to small of a circuit breaker for the fan it was shutting off took out the...
  17. don87401

    Back in a Jeep!

    That could be a good Get you home idea need to keep that in the back of my mind.
  18. don87401

    Back in a Jeep!

    Front seats I can not say it has been to long that I have seen a set of original seats The back looks like an original Jeep rear. Who put it in would be any ones guess. Scrambler didn't come with a rear seat. It was pretty common to add the rear seat, and turn it around so who ever was sitting...
  19. don87401

    Someone called it a TJ 6

    Trying to get the A/C charged up and working. No luck, all the A/C hoses I made are leaking so taking it a part and having hoses made. I guess I missed some thing in making them seemed simple enough.