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  1. GreatCJ8

    Another decal thread question about hood

    Has anybody ever put Scrambler on one side of the hood and either Renegade or Laredo depending on your model on the other side? I like the identities of both words and I'm toying with the idea of putting Renegade on the right and Scrambler on the left. Thoughts?
  2. GreatCJ8

    Bikini top with TJ door surrounds question

    What does the end that's circled connect to?
  3. GreatCJ8

    Moab White rim trail 4 days

    We just got to Moab, my 1st time. Tacoma I'm in broke down in town. Oil leak? So we're trying to fix it, shuttling gear to base camp & looking for a Jeep to rent as a plan B.
  4. GreatCJ8

    Steering wheel options

    I'm trying to get to minor stuff while Dustin is doing the (awesome) heavy lifting. I unwrapped my new to me steering wheel that came with the auto column for the conversion. It looks like :poop: Is the material refurbishable? Has anyone installed a Grant removable wheel? Are they worth it...
  5. GreatCJ8

    Other than a spare tire, what have you mounted on your oem rollbar spare carrier

    Pics too plz 😁 Trying to decide what to mount there, eventually. I'm thinking either a full size spare or a Jerry can. Will an oem rollbar carrier take a I may also incorporate an antenna mount for my ham radio~ but not with a gas can 🤯
  6. GreatCJ8

    Gotta "scRamble" about my 8!

    Started the build thread -here- Waiting on Dustin to get here to haul it away. I can't even imagine how fun it will be to drive with what's planned. Either he &/or I will update with pics as I will be visiting occasionally to help in whatever capacity I can. Any good suggestions for MT tires for...
  7. GreatCJ8

    GREATCJ8 Restoration V3

    Today is the day it starts! Dustin will be getting my 8 today to bring to his shop. Year: 1985 1 owner Model: Renegade Final/current tire size: 33" MT (brand TBD) Build details: Body off Motor out, rehabbed & Sniper Fuel injection installed Assess frame. New body mounts & 1" body lift New...
  8. GreatCJ8

    Scrambler interior upgrades

    While I'm waiting to embark on my next rebuild I'm trying to come up with ideas to include modern conveniences to make my 8 more comfortable and modern in its duty as a fair weather daily driver while keeping it looking oem. Let's see what you've done. I have a stock am/FM radio that'll stay but...
  9. GreatCJ8

    Bulkhead repair?

    Has anyone repaired their bulkhead? Mine rusted away the bottom 3" & I'm thinking of ways to possibly make a weld on or rivet on a bottom for it Shouldn't be terribly hard, I took shop class :ROFLMAO::unsure:
  10. GreatCJ8

    Perfect storm & it was my wife's idea!

    Hey all long time no see . So it starts again I'm gathering my wits for another rebuild of the great CJ 8. I was in the 3rd accident in 2 years with my new 2018 CRV. Not 1 was my fault but it's ridiculous.. I don't know if it's the color or what but apparently my CRV is invisible to other...
  11. GreatCJ8

    Great junk yard story

    Not sure if this has been shared or seen. It was a good read, though. It resembles some of us here I dare say, LOL https://jalopnik.com/i-just-came-home-to-a-junkyard-1829917855
  12. GreatCJ8

    Manifold(s) Questions

    Looking for real world experience with a balance of cost, ease & performance for intake & exhaust manifolds. I know the later cherokee 4.0 HO intakes are great, but what about Offy's or cliffords? Getting some engine work done & am considering changes from stock to......?
  13. GreatCJ8

    My every few years update, lol

    Hi all! Glad to see this place is still active. Several forums have slowed way down or even closed! -anyone have any archives from cjoffroad.com? They had a killer 4.0L efi section :( Anyway, we moved to the mountains in Lynchburg & have way more wheeling opportunities than when we were in...
  14. GreatCJ8

    Stage 2 (long awaited by me!)

    Stage 1 took way too many years to get to & 2.5 years to complete :huh: This time I'll enlist the help of: Air tools other jeepers in the area :D outside help ($$) So far this project will consist of: Transformation from a T5 to an automatic (ALL parts obtained already) Transformation from...
  15. GreatCJ8

    I stalked JOKER right into his driveway today- LOL

    Hi Peeps, So I was driving down the road today when I saw a Scrambler up ahead of me. I belayed my intentions of running errands & followed it, right into its driveway. Asked if the the owner knew about this forum, he did & asked what his scren name was only to find out, to my utter surprise...
  16. GreatCJ8

    woohooo I now own a 2nd Jeep

    :D :D :D :D :D 95 YJ SE with a 4.0L HO Hardtop, auto, air, tilt Don't gimme no grief about the square headlights ;) I've wanted one of these for a DD forever W00T!!!! :D :D :D
  17. GreatCJ8

    Storage Options, what do you think?

    Well, I need to move the Scrambler out of its garage eventually. For now it is safe & dry as it has been since 2001. But I want to have it nearby & available to DD it occaisionally... I haven't moved it to the marina where I live because it would be out in the open, at the will of the weather &...
  18. GreatCJ8

    Jeep Girl talk ...Just got in

    ... from a date with a JEEP GIR... Woman :eek: HELP!!!!!!! LOL, she speaks our language! What if she knows the handshake :eek: :confused: I've spent the last 10 months living the single life on my sailboat, whew gets tiring, lemme tell ya :cool: LOL! Kinda scary, but at least it's not a...