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  1. don87401

    My Great Nephew got a Scrambler for Christmas

    My Great Nephew got a Scrambler for Christmas and his Mom sent me a picture. So I sent him a picture of mine.
  2. don87401

    Took a field trip with the local college around our area.

    Not quite as impressive as Arches National Park but I think they are still cool. These are all in San Juan County NM with about 50 mile radius of Farmington NM, They say there are over 500 arches in the county.
  3. don87401

    Changing to a TH400, 4:1 Klune V, D300 (rebuilding) twin stick cable shift.

    Day one of the project. Taking the old parts out. This will be an on going project so no time limit. First part out.....Rear drive shaft End of first day. What I am taking out is an NP435.
  4. don87401

    What is the best replacement for front fender to buy?

    Found my big "how did I miss that" in my CJ6 project yesterday. Need to replace the right front fender. Knew it had been damaged but never tried to fit the flare. Its not going to work so back up and get a new fender. What is the best brand to order or does it make a difference?
  5. don87401

    Not really restoration but at least..........

    It says Scrambler again, hasn't for a long time.
  6. don87401

    rebuilding a D 300

    What is the best kit for going through a D 300 no gear issue just starting to leak every where.
  7. don87401

    Some body and Facebook trying to track down their old Scrambler

    I don't know this person or if he is on here or not. But I though I would put it our here for him maybe some one on here my know something or even have the Scrambler. This from "Jeep CJ* Scramblers owners" Group on Facebook. Okay Jeep experts, I need help! Have you seen this Jeep? Please help...
  8. don87401

    Gas Struts for Aftermarket full top.

    I had posted this in the "Whats on your work bench" thread and is was suggested to post it's own thread to find easier for some one looking so here it is. Two sources for the gas sturts Napa Thanks to Raymond (Spankrjs) he sent me the numbers for the gas struts and they were the...
  9. don87401

    Help a fellow Jeeper

    I am posting this link in an effort to help a fellow Jeeper. He lives in Moab and is a very active Jeeper. I have been on trails with him and he is a great guy. The first time I was on a trail with him I didn't even realize his disability, just noticed he didn't get out of his Jeep much. It was...
  10. don87401

    Someone called it a TJ 6

    If you haven't seen the link in my Sig, you can check it out. This is what I have been building. 1957 CJ 6 body full hard top on a stretched 2000TJ Frame, 3.5 lift, 35's
  11. don87401

    Dates for events?

    Does any one have dates yet for events for 2004 like the San Jaun Scramble, Rubicon Scramble, or other major events?
  12. don87401

    Are you an orginal owner

    I was wondering how many on here are orginal owners. I know there are a bunch of wise guys, so by orginal owner I mean you still have the Scrambler that you bought brand spanking new from the Jeep dealer.