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  1. tower210

    Interesting Audio choice I stumbled across

    I found this today while looking at other stuff... I know many Scram guys don't want to cut the dash; this looks like one of the better done solutions for a "headless" amplifier (complete with APP) https://www.memphiscaraudio.com/product-page/mxamcapp-app-controled-headless-source-unit
  2. tower210

    GR8TOPS - starting a run of NEW half tops!!

    Saw this on facebook - I'm sure Matt or BW will post more details
  3. tower210

    Hallmark to sell 1982 Scrambler X-mas Ornament!!!!

    https://www.hallmark.com/ornaments/keepsake-ornaments/all-american-trucks-1982-jeep-cj-8-scrambler-metal-ornament-1899QXR9099.html WOOT!!!
  4. tower210

    Looking for HD transmission mount now that D300 is clocked up - Recommendations?

    As the title says; with my AX-15 to D300 clocked up to almost flat; it looks like I can save almost 3" of belly fat; and my OEM skid seems to have a bit of "wobble" with the current mount. Looking for something heavy duty. These are the two I've found so far...
  5. tower210

    Article: Full Color CJ Wiring Diagram!

    Here it is!
  6. tower210

    Some Upgrades Coming

  7. tower210

    New Holly Sniper for CJ 258 - really nice price point

  8. tower210

    Way to use XJ engine mounts?

    Midway into my 4.0 swap I've come across a question about engine mounts. I was planning to re-use my CJ engine mounts; having been told that they will literally bolt strait across. I have the heavy duty urethane mounts that are pretty new. It wan't until I pulled the 4.0 from my XJ and set it...
  9. tower210

    What's everyone got planned for "this winter" wrenching?

    It was 65 and jeepin' weather hear today; but we're supposed to be in the 30s by Wednesday; and I'm pretty sure we're done with the nice mild weather for a bit. Usually this means it's time to get serious about our winter projects. I'll go first! Swapping my 258/T5 combo for a Fuel Injected...
  10. tower210

    KS Rock Opens Massive New Section - Trail Day

    Great fun Saturday!! Local park to me acquired enough land to make the park 50% bigger and did a fantastic job cutting in new trails. Aiden and I had a great day on the trail (aside from learning that any CJ that is really wheeled should NOT have the AMC battery tray)...
  11. tower210

    Love this Forum!!

    Love this forum!! Great info to continually improve my Jeep. Another forum member pointed out how the tailgate hinges should be mounted...... it finally lays flat and perfect. Another member helped recommend the Wavian NATO can when the other gas can I got for Xmas was a disappointment...
  12. tower210

    NOS fuel and temp gauges in KC - Not mine....Do these look correct?

    Can someone confirm these look correct NOS OEM? If so; I'll prolly pick them up. Let me know.
  13. tower210

    GM LS in tank pump / sender assembly tower in CJ 20 gallon tank - Writeup?

    Guys, I remember a few months back, I think someone posted a "how to" on using a GM LS in tank pump sender assembly (I think it was CBFord). Can someone point me to that link? Any chance we can edit / rename / sticky it to make it easier to find? I really think this is the direction I want...
  14. tower210

    Interesting IH Scout Article

    I love jalopnik for this kind of stuff....... While Ford and Chrysler ponied up to put their raw steel away from the rain, International Harvester decided to save a few bucks by letting their stock sit on the outside. As a result the material would sometimes get rusty before it even became...
  15. tower210

    Anyone used E-repairables to source LS & Trans??? Tempting

    Has anyone used one of these salvage sites to source an engine / trans? It is intriguing.... I found a 1999 Silverado with the 4.8 and Manual Transmission (I think it should be an AX-15) with 129K miles. Looks like $1500 would buy the truck that starts. That would give me motor and harness...
  16. tower210

    NEED Heavy Duty "new" (not rebuilt) power steering pump with Serpentine pulley?

    NEED Heavy Duty "new" (not rebuilt) power steering pump with Serpentine pulley? Guys, I had my PS pump replaced 9 months back by my local jeep shop (I was too busy at work to do) and it has failed again. They are going to replace under warranty, but the original pump 9 months ago...
  17. tower210

    Made in USA - Black friday deals

    I thought this would be a fun post topic for the next couple days...... Post things made here that you wish someone would buy you over the black friday weekend (or that you plan to buy yourself)
  18. tower210

    Help identifying wheels

    Anyone recognize theses wheels? Look good, close to me, cheap!
  19. tower210

    Spent the day at the range

    Great morning.... Went to the range with a great collection of guns to shot. A 1906 Winchester (from 1906). A 1022. My new Glock 43. A Springfield 1911 9mm. A Glock 17. A S&w AR15. Getting used to my 43. Nice piece for its size, but wish I hadn't shot the 1911, can't stop thinking bout...
  20. tower210

    Original tow hook

    Is this an original CJ tow hook? Close to me for sale very cheap