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  1. Interceptor

    KISS Daily driver (keep it simple stupid)

    Introduction: Purchased a 1981 4 speed 4 cylinder Scrambler from a local small time classic car lot this summer. I knew nothing about Jeeps or any other 4x4 vehicle. I've always wanted a Scrambler or CJ7. The Scrambler checked all my blocks to keep a retired man from boredom. I plan on driving...
  2. Interceptor

    Are the Scramblers getting to valuable to enjoy

    Saw the post of another very nice Scrambler up for sale, with the price to match. I realize alot of members are still using theirs, I plan to use mine often too. But at these prices who can afford to buy and do 4 wheeling in them. Will they become like early Mustangs and kept in garages? I...
  3. Interceptor

    Advice, suggestions

    The CJ8 that I purchased has a 4 cylinder lightweight 4 speed. The drive train runs good no problems. Still trying to have a plan. (Frame is #1 on my radar now.) My wife ask about wanting an Automatic transmission (cringe), but what the heck. Its just gonna be a Beach buggy. So I've been looking...
  4. Interceptor

    Jeeps as landmarks

  5. Interceptor

    FYI: Myrtle Beach Jeep Jam

    Just read my local news where the city of Myrtle Beach approved for October 29-31 Passing information on to any one that might be interested
  6. Interceptor

    100 questions

    Being a new owner I will have a bunch of quick questions. I hope this is correct place to post thread. Heck I don't even know how to engage 4x4. My son will show me when he sees Jeep. Question 1. Driver's window, the bar that clamps into window was off of regulator. I snapped back on window to...
  7. Interceptor

    Prices for sale, verses selling prices

    I just purchased an 81 CJ8 rust bucket. It hurt me to pay what I did, but its relative to repaired value. Crazy times I know, but really couldn't figure a fair price. I see adds for RESTORED/REALLY NICE C8s in the 20s. also the patched up nice looking drivers for 15/16 thousand. Are people...
  8. Interceptor

    Custom fuel cell

    Best I can tell, my fuel cell will be about 15 gallons stock. Assuming with the 4 cylinder should be 12 mpg? Looks like there may be 20 gallon tank available also. Has anyone had a aluminum deck plated fuel cell made that fills first 6" -9" or so behind rear bulkhead. I see farmers do it on pick...