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    2019 Fall Gathering

    Our annual Fall Gathering at Hot Springs Off Road Park will be November 7, 8 & 9. We typically arrive on Wednesday and leave on Sunday. All are welcome. Come join us .
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    2018 Fall Gathering

    A group of us will be making our annual Fall Gathering at Hot Springs Off Road Park November 8 - 11. All are welcome to join us and enjoy the cool weather, exciting trails and great comradship.
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    SOA National Event T-Shirts

    We have a few event t-shirts left in X-Large and XX-Large. $12.00 each plus $6.00 shipping. First come first served. PM me with your request.
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    Hot Springs, Arkansas

    For those of you that like to plan ahead, we will be having our annual fall gathering at Superlift OHV park in Hot Spring, AR the weekend of 11/8. The park opens on Thursday 11/7. All are welcome. This is a great time to enjoy the scenery, trails and fellowship.
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    Where are you staying?

    I'm trying to get an idea where people will be for the national event.
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    Fall Gathering

    :wave: A few of us are getting together the first weekend in Novermember at the Superlift Park in Hot Springs, AR. All commers are welcome to enjoy good friends, good times and great trails.
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    Two Weeks to Go - What do you still have to do

    I finished tightening bolt and greasing everything. Need to do some serious cleaning this coming weekend. May not get the CB hooked up before I leave. I can hardly wait to get on the road.:drool:
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    Choccolocco Mountain

    Anyone interested in riding the trails at Choccolocco Mountain ORV Park near Jacksonville, AL the weekend of 9/23? http://www.choccoloccomountain.com/
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    Southeast Fall Gathering

    :wave: Come One - Come All Our southeast fall gathering will be held at Hot Springs the weekend of November 4, 5 & 6. The weather will be cool and the good time great. I look forward to seeing you there.
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    2011 National Event Location

    Now is the time to make your suggestion for the 2011 SOA National Scramble. Please list you choice and why in the SOA forums at the bottom of the Scrambler Forums page.
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    Fall Southeast Gathering

    A group of us are planning to go to the CAOS(Central Alabama Offroad Society) Fall for All at Gray Rock, just outside of Birmingham. We would like to see everyone there if at all possible. Please check the Southeast Section of the forums for details.:cheers:
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    TJ, YJ etc

    I am very familiar withthe term CJ. Would someone please clarify the other "J"s for me?:crazy: What would you call a 2010 Wrangler Unlimited?
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    Southeast Gathering

    Ther are a few of us that are getting together at Jake's Place (Huntsville, AL) on October 10 for some wheeling and trail riding. If you want to come please do.
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    Hot Springs in the Fall

    Is anyone interested in making a trip to Hot Springs this Fall? Say maybe September?
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    Sway Bar Quick Disconnect

    I want to install a set of JKS Quick Disconnects to my '82 Scrambler. I have taken the sway bar off to better get to the existing connectors. How do I get the existing Connectors off of the sway bar?
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    Spring Replacement

    I have decided to replace the original suspension on my '82 CJ-8 with a Skyjacker 2.5" lift with Nitro Shocks. I need to replace the bushings in the shackles. My question is should I go ahead and replace the shackles now and if so what do you suggest?
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    Fall Hot Springs Scramble

    Several of us from Louisiana talked about having an informal Fall event at Hot Springs. The dates to be considered are October 28-30, November 4-6 or November 11-13. Any and all are welcome. If you would like to attend please let me know.
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    Do you know me?

    This photo appears in the March issue of Outdoor Life, pg 82. This guy is definitely not in warm Louisiana. Does anyone recognise who this is? It's always great to see one of the best in magazines. We need more recognition.
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    CJ Full Door Paddle Handles

    The chrome handles on my doors have rusted and I am getting replacements. Does anyone know how to get the existing ones off?
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    Dash Replacement

    Hi Guys, I am replacing my dash with a stainless steel one. In the process I am replacing the OEM gauges with Auto Meter "Phantom" gauges. I need to order a new fuel gauge, I have an OEM tank and sending unit, but I do not know the ohm requirements are. Can anyone help me?