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  1. bobbysjeep

    Sold the Scrambler - It's been a good ride

    I sold my Scrambler on Sunday. Thanks for the advise, info, and camaraderie. I've been pretty active on this board for several years and made some good friends as a result. Once our boys came along the Jeep sat in the garage more and more. It had not even been registered in three years. I...
  2. bobbysjeep

    Rear Mat For Scrambler Factory Option?

    Here is a link to mine. https://www.cj-8.com/forum/showthread.php?38477-Jeep-Bed-Mat-Restoration
  3. bobbysjeep

    My new buffering toy

    One of my other hobby's is antique fan collecting. Restorations require lots of buffing to get the 100 year old brass to shine again.
  4. bobbysjeep

    1984 SL Nordic green

    No doubt your starting off with better "bones". I think you will be amazed on how well it will come back. Just take your time, buy different levels of polishing compound and polishing pads.
  5. bobbysjeep

    EBay eye poppers

    Possibly, but according to eBay these sold with Buy it now of $1400. The sell never re-listed either.
  6. bobbysjeep

    EBay eye poppers

    New record for OEM wheels. Makes me wish that I didn't already sell the sets that I had.
  7. bobbysjeep

    AMC 20 advise repair? replace?

    Okay, buttoned everything back up and took it for a spin! No leaks, no noises, just strong smooth acceleration. Feels great to get this job done. Thanks for everyone's help. Just to recap, I replaced spider gears, limited slip clutches, new carrier bearings, installed one piece axles (new...
  8. bobbysjeep

    AMC 20 advise repair? replace?

    Good information, just what I was looking for. As far as what failed when, it's just my theory. I have driven it a few hundred mile in it's current condition (slipping only occasionally) but most the time I would just baby it. It gradually started slipping worse and worse. Last week when...
  9. bobbysjeep

    AMC 20 advise repair? replace?

    ^advice^ Well feeling pretty bummed. I have been suspecting that I had a busted 2pc axle. It started chattering and slipping under heavy takeoff acceleration. I pulled the driver side axle and sure enough it was sheared from the hub. So I bought a driver side axle, gear oil, and diff gasket...
  10. bobbysjeep

    Caption This Picture.....

    Are you sure we can make this?
  11. bobbysjeep

    Throwback Thursday - CJ-8.com style

    I scanned a few oldies of my 1985 CJ7. I bought it in 1992 and drove it as a daily driver till 2002. Many, many, memories of irresponsible youth, rolled it twice! It was bone stock with white wagon wheels when I bought it. Tube bumpers and saw blade wheels where the coolest back then!
  12. bobbysjeep

    Cumberland and Tennessee River Trip

    I realize this isn't Jeep related but I thought some of my fellow Jeepers may be interested in following along on my adventure. I'm going to attempt my first blog. I will be making an eight day river trip through four states in our little fishing boat. Plan on doing daily entries with...
  13. bobbysjeep

    Center Cap Photo

    From what I see in your original post, yours look spot-on. Did you spray the centers then wipe with acetone or paint thinner to get the chrome Jeep lettering?
  14. bobbysjeep

    Door Vinyl Install

    Not sure about the YJ thing. The doors would function but the had a little "catch" when you opened them. I used a die grinder to make a small notch. This allowed additional articulation of the handle.
  15. bobbysjeep

    What was original?

    Only chrome from factory was wheels, bumpers, grill overlay, door handles, and mirrors (arms & head only). All hinges were body color. Hood latches were plated satin silver color. As for decals, post some pics. Here are some 81-82 brochure pictures.
  16. bobbysjeep

    Jeep Bed Mat Restoration

    I followed Dennis' lead on this project but thought I would share in a separate thread for future reference. Not much to it. I used some engine degreaser in a few spots to clean some grime off the mat, then washed with Dawn dish detergent and let dry. Next, I used a small foam roller to apply...