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  1. Belizeit

    Hurricane Ida. Day 12 and just getting the power back on.

    You just really never know what these storms are going to do or where they will end up going. This storm was originally going to go into the Yucatan of Mexico. We heard about the storm several days before it even formed. Plenty of info on a storm that was not coming here. We were told there...
  2. Belizeit

    Radiator for 85 258 / T176 Combo. 2 Row or 3 Row

    I'm putting this engine and transmission in with the standard mechanical fan blade that came with the engine originally. I'm replacing a 4 cylinder which had inches of clearance between the fan blades and the radiator. What I'm wondering is since I'm buying a nice radiator, I'm wondering...
  3. Belizeit

    84 4 Cyl / T4 swap to a 258 / T176

    Getting closer to install of my new rebuilt 258 and T176. So I'm wondering where AMC mounted on the support plate the T176 transmission. I know there are a couple of choices and wondering if a few of you guys would chime in which location is correct so I don't have to do this a few times to...