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  1. gr8dain

    Mounting latches for the half hard top

    I decided to use latches to mount my half top a number of years ago. And it has been one of the best things I have done to my Scrambler. I bought 7 latches from McMaster Carr. I have included a picture of the ones I got. I used 4 along the top of the windshield and three along the back on...
  2. gr8dain

    Jeep Art

    So I thought I had a post where I showed some scroll work my father had done. But I could not find it. Here is one that he made that arrived today. It was my birthday present. It took him a month to make. He used a picture that I took at Rausch Creek at the 2021 Scrambler Nationals in PA...
  3. gr8dain

    Where to tap into for my tach?

    Does anyone know what wire I can tap into in order to get my tach to work? It is a 1998 4.0 from an XJ. Will the aftermarket tach I had on my 258 work? It has the switch for 4,6, or 8 cyl. Obviously I would keep it on 6. Just not sure if it will work with the 4.0.
  4. gr8dain

    Visiting Idaho and saw this at the Twin Falls Sportsman Warehouse

    As the title says, I was at the store and came back to our rental truck and this was in the isle next to us. Was not expecting to see it, but was a nice surprise.
  5. gr8dain

    Wheel spacer for spare on swing away mount?

    So I have a Runck rear bumper with swing arm for the spare tire. I used to have 33x10.5 tires and the spare fit fine on the bumper. But now that I have 35x12.5, the studs on the spare mount do not reach the wheel. I was thinking about getting a wheel spacer for it. I think about 2” should do...
  6. gr8dain

    Nice gift came today

    I was not expecting to receive this today. But I very much appreciate it. My other SOA t shirt is starting to wear out.
  7. gr8dain

    Value of a postal?

    I am looking at a for sale post that is local to me. It is a postal that comes with the doors, and full top. It comes with a glass tub. I guess the steel tub is a bit roasted. I am thinking the doors and top could be worth the $4k they are asking.
  8. gr8dain

    Gr8Dain's 4.0/aw4 swap from a 97 XJ

    So I ran into more issues with my 258 and decided to swap it out for the 4.0. I picked up a 4.0 with aw4 and transfer case from a 97 XJ. I will get it later this week. I tried looking for Eric's thread on the topic, but did not find a build post, so Eric, if you have the link, I would...
  9. gr8dain

    Picked up a Dana 300 with 4 to 1 and twin sticks

    So as the title says, I found a deal online for a dana 300 that someone had swapped in the 4 to 1 gears kit and a twin stick set up. I bougt it for less than the parts and this was never installed after the conversion. It has an adapter/clocking ring for a NV3550. According to the advance...
  10. gr8dain

    Used my Scrambler to tow a trailer with my 3a on it.

    So I had a dilemma this past weekend. My local Jeep club had our annual show and I registered both my Scrambler and my 3a. But how to get them both there. Well, I borrowed a 12 ft trailer and put the flatty on it. I could definitely tell it was back there. Acceleration sucked. But I took it nice...
  11. gr8dain

    Holley Sniper EFI install on my 258

    I intended to take a bunch of pictures and make sure I document my experience installing the Sniper on my Scrambler. I probably did not get enough pictures or take enough botes, but here goes. To start off, I replaced a Holley 4bbl carb mounted on an Offenhauser intake. Is it more carb than...
  12. gr8dain

    Keeping the 1949 CJ3a in the family

    So my wife’s BFF has an uncle who has had this CJ3a for a long time. They used to ride in it on his farm in PA and she has some good memories in it. Well, he finally decided ot sell it as he and his wife are getting older. They are trying to clear out their PA property and settle in their CA...
  13. gr8dain

    Need the name of a clutch part.... please

    Hello all of my favorite people in the world. I need some help. I was on my way home and the linkage on my clutch broke and the pedal obviously hit the floor. What is the name if the part that is the bar with flat stock on either end that is the pivot to engage the clutch? I want to call it a Z...
  14. gr8dain

    The Banana Boat

    I am going to start a thread for my son's 67 Impala SS 327. We picked it up this past October. We had some electrical issues to get it to pass inspection. That is done. We are having some issues now and I am sure we will have more, so that is the reason for this thread. Ugh. Pic
  15. gr8dain

    Vibration in the gearbox?

    Hey all, So since I did the frame swap and moved the drivetrain over, I have noticed a vibration in the gearbox while idling in neutral. it is a good bit of shake. I can push the clutch in and let it back out and the vibration goes away. Then after crawling through traffic again, in neutral...
  16. gr8dain

    Tie rod ends

    So I know there is a thread with this info, but I could not find it. I have the heavy duty tie rod from rugged ridge. Which TREs fit it? My wheeling trip ended the life of the driver side.
  17. gr8dain

    Satellite radio antennae location?

    So I am going to be installing a new head unit in my console today and have the sirius tuner and antennae for it. For anyone who is using satellite radio in the Scrambler, where do you have the antennae? I am thinking of putting it in front of the windshield on the cowl and running the wire...
  18. gr8dain

    Diff fluid leaking from wheel?

    So I noticed a puddle under my driver side rear wheel. Thought brake wheel cylinder. But after taking stuff apart, i am not sure. The area around the wheel cylinder looks fine and no leakage on the back side. Smells like diff fluid. Could it be? And what is the solution?
  19. gr8dain

    Hinge screws

    Are the windshield hinge screws the same as the tailgate hinge screws? And what size are they? Are they torx on the CJs? I am looking at qtec and amazon and only see torx as replacements. So just wondering before I buy.
  20. gr8dain

    Exhaust routing with a 20 Gallon n tank?

    Not sure where to post this but here goes. So in my frame swap project I was lucky enough to get a 20 gallon gas tank. Can't wait to use it. But when I was moving the exhaust to the new chassis, I noticed that where the pipe ran before was between the leaf spring and the tank, but there is no...