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  1. DeLuke

    Bringing An(other) Overlander Back Home II

    I couldn't help myself and bought another Overlander this past month. Forum member Andrew Burrows (same member who sold me Blue) bought this one in the Spring and decided to part ways with it. We reached a deal, and it is officially bought and paid for. Andrew is being super helpful and...
  2. DeLuke

    Slate Blue 1983 Base to SR Restoration

    Received the slate blue Scrambler that we discussed in this post: https://www.cj-8.com/threads/1983-cj8-jeep-scrambler-8000-sera-mesa-ca.49651/ This southern Cali Scrambler looks very dry and straight which matched my expectations from the additional pictures that the seller provided. Appears...
  3. DeLuke

    Bringing An Overlander Back Home

    Last fall, I struck a deal to buy an Overlander from one of our Aussie members (Andrew Burrows). Andrew was great to work with and dropped off the Jeep at the Port of Brisbane on December 10th. Since then, it has traveled over an estimated 20,000 miles and had a 2-week layover in Japan. Take...
  4. DeLuke

    Discount for 4-Cylinder Engine

    Just wondering what people's views are on the value discount for a 4-cylinder engine versus the 6-cylinder on a good driver condition Scrambler (or CJ7). I use the term driver to mean one that is running okay, maybe in need an old-style tune-up, but not an overhaul, i.e. no mechanical reason...
  5. DeLuke

    1985 Scrambler Laredo "Factory" Build

    I have debated creating a restoration thread for the 1985 Scrambler Laredo for a few months. Here goes. The thread lags the current restoration point by a few months. However, I will get the thread up-to-date over the next couple weeks and try not to be too long winded in the narration...
  6. DeLuke

    Autocheck Reports

    I have around 15 autochecks left on a subscription expiring in 2 days. If anybody wants a free one, PM me your VIN and your e-mail address. I will send you a pdf at least until I run out of reports. Vehicles need to be 1980 or later as well.
  7. DeLuke

    Buying a Non-Running Scrambler for Its Tub. Thoughts?

    I need a tub for my Scrambler restoration and considering buying a complete non-running Scrambler for its tub. The donor Scrambler has been in storage for awhile because it's without an engine (originally a 258), and current owner didn't want to pay for rebuild. This donor has what looks like...
  8. DeLuke

    This Jeep Matters

    Nice video on Reagan and his red Jeep. Before the blue Scrambler, he had a red 1962 CJ-6. https://www.historicvehicle.org/car-matters-1962-willys-jeep-cj-6/?utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=HVA%20Newsletter