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  1. bigwalton

    Alaskan Postal Scrambler/World Cab - count/registry - help build the list

    Cool! So similar to mine with the stance one lift ago and I ran those same tires on the circular-hole style of those same wheels too! Awesome!
  2. bigwalton

    Anyone know what this is ?

    Looks like part of an aftermarket alarm to me. Where does that wire run to?
  3. bigwalton

    Frame up restoration of my 1981 CJ8

    Excellent, very droolworthy! :cheers:
  4. bigwalton

    Current Scrambler pics

    Trying to depress me? postal gets parked so it’s been through many winters topless
  5. bigwalton

    Current Scrambler pics

    Had to put the top back on for work travel this week on the way to Drummond Island for SODA.
  6. bigwalton

    GREATCJ8 Restoration V3

    Those are the wires that ensure you don’t break your mother’s back ;) Believe he meant “crank”.
  7. bigwalton

    1968 CJ-6

    Trade you and LJ for it when it’s done.
  8. bigwalton

    GREATCJ8 Restoration V3

    ALWAYS so very important to confirm the crack wires!!!
  9. bigwalton

    The '83 - Family Man

    Couldn’t help myself. Had to tweak this one.
  10. bigwalton

    Current Scrambler pics

    Wow, that's awesome. You should start a new thread asking for help.
  11. bigwalton

    Another decal thread question about hood

    I'm not OCD and I still couldn't take it. Photos from either side will look like different Jeeps.
  12. bigwalton

    Speedhut gauges

    This made me remember the first time I did this, I pulled the stock "cap", removed the gear, cleaned the cap, packed it full of JB Weld and reinstalled. That AA kit looks super clean though, I didn't know it existed.
  13. bigwalton

    Alaskan postal top fix

    I have no expertise to lend here but very jealous of getting the top situated properly. Mine has lots of small issues like this that add up to a massive amount of work to do right. Sadly, I don’t really ever see me getting into it. :shrug:
  14. bigwalton

    GREATCJ8 Restoration V3

    It’s crazy to see this happening all these years from when I last saw that rig :thumbsup:
  15. bigwalton

    Help me pick stripe/decals

    Scorpion Edition!!! Only way to go! :rotfl:
  16. bigwalton

    Loud noise at startup?

    Also want to look at the teeth on the flywheel if the starter checks out.
  17. bigwalton

    Current Scrambler pics

    We have the first peeks of fall color out and it is a beautiful day, so a quick hardware store and gas can fill up run turned into my favorite local backroads.
  18. bigwalton

    Update on ME.

    In the meantime you should have fewer/no episodes though, right?
  19. bigwalton

    Update on ME.

    Wow, I missed this entirely, best to you and I hope you recover well and the percentages work out right! :thumbsup:
  20. bigwalton

    100 questions

    If I had it all to redo, I would have done this to a WT axle rather than using the NT and outboarding. Mine works and has never had a problem other than dialing out a little bit of steering to keep the tires off the springs, but that's a better solution overall.