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  1. OGRES

    Transmission Cover Panel

    So I have been installing a new Lokar shifter for my automatic Scrambler and need a new transmission cover panel because the one I have is mangled all to hell. Originally, I was going to use a floor mounted shifter, so I wanted a steel cover. I ordered one from Jegs that was a Key Parts model...
  2. OGRES

    What to do with current paint job

    So my Scrambler is no beauty queen. It had a bad repaint at some point before I bought it of some unknown color. It is rusty and I have a ton of scrapes and gouges in the hood. I also have a large primer grey area on the passenger side that is a bit of an eye sore. I have considered adding...
  3. OGRES

    Swing Out Spare Tire Carrier Drawing

    Does anyone have a drawing showing the dimensions of the stock swing out tire carrier? My Scrambler didn't come with one and I don't really want to buy an overpriced, beat-up used one. I would like to fabricate a new one with a few improvements in mind to potentially carry other things...
  4. OGRES

    Let's see you Jeep Halloween!

    Our neighborhood had it's first Trunk or Treat this year for Halloween. We dolled up the Scrambler with some friends of ours and had a great time. Post up some or your best Jeep Halloween pics!
  5. OGRES

    What is your go-to solution for carrying extra fuel?

    Like many of us, I only have the standard 15 gallon fuel tank on my Scrambler. I am also running a very thirsty Chevy 350. My fuel gauge works most of the time, but not all of the time. I feel the need to carry around a gas can when I take the Scrambler our just to make sure that I don't run...
  6. OGRES

    Headlight and Indicator Light Issue

    I replaced my headlights over a year ago with KC Light direct replacements. At the time I had a couple of problems with the grounding. I fixed that issue and had functioning headlights, both high and low beams. I also replaced the bulbs in the indicator lights all around. Everything was...
  7. OGRES

    Carter Quadrajet Questions

    Anyone here running a Rochester or Carter Quadraject carburetor? While having some battery issues, I noticed some issues with my carburetor. First, fuel was profusely leaking from the line leading into the carb. Second, I found a broken spring that I believe used to reside inside another...
  8. OGRES

    Headers and Mufflers

    A PO of my Scrambler installed an early Chevy 350 V8 that currently has un-coated Hedman headers and a pair of crappy oval mufflers that hang down past the frame rails (why they were installed with the long width up and down, I will never know). The headers are thoroughly rusted and have some...
  9. OGRES

    Starter let me down

    So this happened yesterday... I had the starter for about 11 months with no problems and then yesterday I stopped at the gas station for gas and went to start it up when I was done filling up and Boom. This was supposed to be a heavy duty starter for all Chevy Small Blocks. It was...
  10. OGRES

    Saw this little CJ-10A the other day

    I was out to lunch one day in Norcross, GA (just north of Atlanta) and spied this CJ-10A with a cool utility bed. I don't see too many CJ's up this way, so I thought it was pretty cool. It looked like it needed some work, but it was a good start to something cool.
  11. OGRES

    Leaky Power Steering

    So the hose that goes from the power steering pump to the steering box appears to be leaking pretty bad. I believe the rubber hose has cracked right around the fitting where it transitions to the metal piping. Some PO has replaced the original engine with a Chevy 350. It doesn't appear that...
  12. OGRES

    Jeep left me stranded today

    I was driving my Scrambler around town this morning enjoying a nice day. I went into a store and when I came out I couldn't get the jeep started. My starter was making an awful noise and the battery seemed weak. I hooked up my jump-starter and tried to fire it up. It seemed like I couldn't...
  13. OGRES

    New seat slider - need bolt and nut size help

    I was in the process of putting a new seat slider on the passenger side yesterday and ran into a problem of not having any original (or any really) nuts that would fit on the new search slider stud bolt. The directions say to use the original nuts from the seats. My original seats were long...
  14. OGRES

    Now how did that get in there?

    I was changing out my headlights today and pulled this one off of the passenger side. No wonder this one didn't work.
  15. OGRES

    How to properly secure a child seat in the rear bench seat?

    Ok folks, for the last couple of months I have been installing a rear seat and belts in the back of my Scrambler in hopes of being able to install a car seat with a five point harness for my 5 year old daughter. I am happy with the security of the Bestop fold and tumble seat and with where I...
  16. OGRES

    Christmas Present Mount

    I was fortunate enough to receive a new Rotopax 2.25 gallon gas can and a 2.25 gallon storage box for Christmas for the Jeep. I needed to fab a mount for the gas can and tool box so I could have them in an accessible location. I don't have a spare tire carrier and I wanted to mount them on the...
  17. OGRES

    Newly installed Supertop

    So I got a new Bestop Supertop installed on my 8 today. I am liking the look, but dang are there a lot of zippers. I also got a set of Bestop two piece soft doors to go with the top. I spent WAY too much time working on the dang doors and still don't have them working properly. Anyone have...
  18. OGRES

    Two new to me tops

    So I picked up a couple of full soft tops from the same guy I bought my jeep from. One is a complete top from Bestop, similar to the Tigertop, but I think it is the previous version of that top. Several of the parts are galvanized steel as opposed to being black powder coated which led me to...
  19. OGRES

    Brake issue with the new Scram

    So when I test drove the new Scrambler before I bought it, I noticed how hard the brake pedal was to depress and get the thing to stop. It has power brakes and the brake booster definitely looks newer than the rest of the truck. I have done the initial troubleshooting in regards to a stiff...
  20. OGRES

    Driver's Side Lights Dimmer than Passenger Side Lights

    Now that I have had my new Scrambler for a few days, I am starting to look at everything that I need to fix and/or replace. I was looking at the lights the other night knowing that I wanted to upgrade them, but I noticed something that seemed strange. The driver's side headlight front turn...