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  1. designerRob

    CJ retro wheels for JK/JL axles

    I thought this was a pretty interesting offering. https://www.quadratec.com/p/quadratec/cj-retro-alloy-wheel-wrangler-jk-jl/white
  2. designerRob

    Jeep LIMO

    I was going to post this in the for sale area, but it has sold already for 70g's!! It thought it was super cool. Pretty neat story behind these as well. https://www.thedrive.com/news/31094/for-sale-restored-1988-grand-wagoneer-limo-offers-22-feed-of-wood-grain-glory
  3. designerRob

    Space behind bench seat

    I just installed a fixed CJ back seat into the factory location and I was a bit surprised by how much space I had behind it. I had wondered if I'd still have room for my spare tire (33x12.5-15). I'm measuring about 37"'s from the back of the seat to the tailgate. Just an fyi. :thumbsup:
  4. designerRob

    Thanks to CJ8LVR for the thread on adding a 3rd bow to the soft top

    I tried to bump the thread "adding a third bow to the Scrambler Bestop Supertop" but couldn't. The writeup worked out great. I varied the placement just a bit. And I used an aftermarket(2-pc) YJ bow. I also used 2 straps. She's tight as a drum now. :cheers: I have an extra bow if anyone could...
  5. designerRob

    No more pink!

    I bought my Scrambler a few months ago from southern CA where it spent all its life. The previous owner didn't know for sure how old this repaint was. It's heavily oxidized single stage paint. It's been over polished, and in some places into the primer (hood). I used this article to bring back...
  6. designerRob

    Finally joined the club!

    Well after searching and researching for a couple years, to figure out what I wanted, I finally pulled the trigger on a pretty nice 83'. I thought I could wait until I actually get it shipped from Cali to post here but I couldn't. :headbang: I'm just too excited. :D I just flew back this morning...