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  1. 83CJ-8

    Trek to Utah

    1st stop Rood Creek Park GA
  2. 83CJ-8

    Blower Motor Bulkhead Connector

    I'm looking for a heater blower motor bulkhead connector. Has anyone seen one online anywhere? Or might have one sitting around?
  3. 83CJ-8

    Jeepster Beach

    Borrowed from WAYALIFE forum. MOAB EASTER JEEP SAFARI 2021 Concept Vehicles - What do you Think? Jeepster Beach Easter Jeep Safari wouldn’t be complete without paying homage to Jeep off-road vehicles of the past. This year’s “Resto-Mod” is a throwback to the second-generation Jeepster...
  4. 83CJ-8

    CJ8 Scrambler Jeep Diamond Plate entry guards

    Has anyone used these on their jeep. I was wondering if they interfere with the operation of the door. Jeep Diamond Plate Entry Guards
  5. 83CJ-8

    Clutch Pedal Retainer ?

    What holds the clutch pedal on? An E-clip or a retaining ring? Does it take a spacer washer? Many years ago I took the brake and clutch assy apart to go with power brakes and a hydraulic clutch conversion. When I took it apart I bagged everything and stored it in its own tote, well at some...
  6. 83CJ-8

    What is this and is it necessary,

    Is this angle factory? It was fastened to the top of a frame cross member aft of the rear axle with 4 sheet metal screws. Is it necessary? Removed
  7. 83CJ-8

    Hello Scrambler Heads!!

    Finally found a forum that strikes my interest :drool: and will enjoy hanging out on. I found you guys last night searching google for something :shrug: I spent like 5 hours searching the forums until 1am, found some pretty neat stuff that got me motivated. My "83" has been sitting in storage...