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  1. mssldn

    Full Door Interior Door Handles

    I had a friend several years ago (probably a decade or more) that purchased aluminium interior door handles off the internet somewhere. I've moved and I've lost contact with him. He told me I should get some, but they were pricey so it got put in the "someday" list. Back then I only had the...
  2. mssldn

    4.0L Power Steering Hoses

    Maybe this is common knowledge but I tried doing some research on jeep forums and couldn't find anything. I Swapped a 96XJ 4.0L into my 81 back in 2004ish. Back then I used the stock 258 power steering hoses. Well, they are finally leaking. I was going to get some new CJ lines, but I...
  3. mssldn

    Lock plate retaining clip

    I picked up a tilt column for $40 and the guy said it would need a rebuild and he didn't have a key. Bearing seem fine and there isn't play in the tilt, but the guy had cut the wiring when it was removed. I have no idea why you wouldn't just unhook it. Well I started to take it apart to...
  4. mssldn

    Mssldn's 1981 Scrambler

    This is going to be a slow build and I don't really have a direction yet. Just because I never really introduced myself, I will now. I have always loved Jeeps and about everything that Jeep has made. My parents wouldn't allow me to have an open-top Jeep while I was young. I almost was able...
  5. mssldn

    Techno Jeep

    This made me laugh because I've always thought Jeeps were finely tuned instruments . . . just not of the musical variety. <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/LFybwg4wadI&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  6. mssldn

    Four Wheeler TV

    Just found that Hulu has some episodes of Four Wheeler TV and thought I would share. http://www.hulu.com/four-wheeler-tv
  7. mssldn

    New Scrambler?

    Looks like AEV is selling a 2dr J8 like the scrambler; oh, and a 4dr too. Their just a rolling chassis from Jeep (read no VIN) with the engine installed by AEV. Wonder if AEV would just sell you the rolling chassis without an engine -- not that I could afford it...
  8. mssldn

    What was the Scramblers original MSRP?

    What's the original MSRP on a Scrambler? I know there are a lot of different options, so I'm really looking for a range.
  9. mssldn

    "Sixty-eight years ago . . . "

    I found the following quote in a story about the 2009 Wrangler having the best resale value for SUVs: "Sixty-eight years ago, the Wrangler created the SUV category." Deborah Meyer -- Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler LLC. Math was never my best subject, but it was news to...