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  1. Oakley

    Starting over

    Well here we go again! After 10 years building a scrambler and then giving it to my wife I’m back to zero. But while at the national event I was told to build another one ! Never did I think my wife would ever say that! So hell yeah Sounds good to me. Starting to look now for one so I will be...
  2. Oakley

    Iron mountain resort in north Ga mountains

    Just thought I would share this place that has opened up this year near me. Maybe some here already know about this place https://ironmountainresort.com/ It opened in March of this year and has over 150 miles of trails. They are actually going to have a Jeep invasion event in October. I live 15...
  3. Oakley

    Great smoky mountains Jeep invasion

    Is anyone at this event in pigeon forge? Started Thursday runs thru Saturday
  4. Oakley

    Storage options for bed of scrambler

    I have looked but did not see any talk about storage ideas for the back of my scrambler. I was thinking about some sort of bolt in drawer system. As mine is a hard top with bulkhead there is just no room to store any gear coolers etc. Just wondering what others do in this situation. Anything I...