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  1. J

    Looking for Good Ball Joints

    Looks like I'm going to be doing ball joints on the 79 cj7. All the searches I've done don't come up with good opinions on any of them. Even my mechanic isn't comfortable with the moog ball joints anymore (ones he installed in my work truck didn't last 2 yrs) since most everything is from...
  2. J

    Bilstein shock tech support phone #

    I'm installing a 79 cj7 suspension on a cj8 frame and would like to use bilstein shocks. On the front I have the lower shock mount on the spring plate and upper is the higher shock tower. If I remember right full extension is 25". this is longer than the 3 to 4 inch lift shock and their web...
  3. J

    Taking Built CJ7 apart to make CJ8 For Winter Use

    I rebuilt my cj7 for the second time in 2009. Built the CJ7 like I'm building the CJ8 in a different tread. Only difference was I used a rebuilt chevy 350 (built by Engine Factory), a new TDK frame. The body was a fiberglass body the previous owner installed that I repaired the cracks and...
  4. J

    Gm turbo 400 trans and quadratrac trans pressure build up

    Interesting question for you guys. I have a 79 cj7 that's been a 18 yr project. This spring when I took her out for the first time I had trans fluid (transmission fluid with the part time conversion kit) blow out of the transfer case vent and also leaking from some of the seals (always had a...
  5. J

    Rugged Ridge 6" wide fender flares

    I ordered a pair of rugged Ridge 11633.10 6" flares last april. Yesterday I went to start the installation and found a slight problem. . The front fenders extend over the tub and the rear are so large that I would have to cut around 4 to 6 inches off the front and rear. The instructions...
  6. J

    Happy Thanksgiving to All

    Happy Thanksgiving to All, and have a safe holiday remembering what we all are thankful to have. P.S. Don't eat too much. :rotfl: I will for all of us. :rolleyes:
  7. J

    What did you do with your Scrambler today? March 2015 Verson

    Pulled the fuel tank of the cj7 (I know it's not the cj8). Going to install a 21 Gal. Poly fuel tank. Just haven't decided on how to handle the extensions for the skid plate. I was going to weld metal to reinforce the joint between the extension and the skid plate. The extensions look like a...
  8. J

    For guys using Rotisserie A warning on under body braces.

    I did the body work on the sides of the tub. I removed the braces (under the front feet of the roll bar) to epoxy. I then put the tub on a rotisserie to do the bottom. I did the epoxy primer and bedliner. Put the tub back on the saw horses and finished the body including painting, thought...
  9. J

    Never Ending Scrambler Build

    Purchased a 82 cj8 in 2009 from ebay. Scrambler was far from a daily driver as advertised. This started the search for a good frame and tub. . In 2010 I found a frame in mi. Guy purchased it from someone else who sandblasted the frame then cut out bad sections and welded in patch pieces...
  10. J

    Clock and tach places in dash

    I'm building a cj8 and I'm putting in a different dash and I just got the speedhut gauges. My old dash and the dash in the cj7 don't have these gauges. The new dash does. On which side of the steering column does the tach or the clock go. Thanks.
  11. J

    Speedhut Sale

    Cdvcj8 brought it to my attention that Speedhut is having a sale. For those interested on 11/16 the full cluster price I purchased was 857.00 plus the custom and shipping fee. Now it's 792.00. That's 65.00 off :banghead:. Every little bit helps.
  12. J

    1982 skid plate position

    Can someone take a look at their stock cj8 and tell me which holes are used to mount the skid plate. I believe they are the three holes toward the rear (the frame has 4 holes). And what hold on the skid plate is used on say the rear of the skid plate. When I took apart to restore the jeep, I...
  13. J

    Dana 30 front axle seal

    On a 82 cj8, I'm looking for the axle seal on the inter axle, against the inter dust shield. The 4wd catalog shows one (46470) which doesn't fit (a tight slide over the splines, won't slide over the shaft much less the lip next to the dust shield). The metal housing would be a tight fit much...
  14. J

    Opinions on rear brake drums

    I might need to get a set of drums. Has anyone had any experience with these. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000C9J8IY/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=3M7OWGNBNDQQU&coliid=I2IM5OUPX2UZUC and...
  15. J

    Purchased stainless steel 25 gal fuel tank.

    I purchased the stainless steel tank listed on ebay. Looks like it was built well but I just have a question on the sending unit/pick-up tube. Have any one ever seen one put together like this. They extended the pick-up with rubber fuel line, a piece of copper line. The filter is actually...
  16. J

    Rubicon Express 4.5" with 35" tires

    A question for you guys with the Rubicon Express 4.5" lift and 35" tires. How well do the 35" tires fit with the 4.5" lift. Did you need a body lift or Shackle lift for them to fit. How much do they hit when you bottom out the jeep. This jeep I'm building won't see much off road, mostly for...
  17. J

    Soft doors on half hard top

    Does anyone know of a soft door that will fit a half hardtop. I currently have best top two piece doors and hard doors. The weathers changing enough that I'd like to have soft doors on (if two pc doors, I can run half doors). Since I don't have a/c, and I have the outside vent sealed it gets...
  18. J

    Does anyone have kayline half top, need pics

    Hopefully someone can help on this. Just bought a half top, suppose to have hardware but it only has the bow and the two pc door surround. I would love to get some pics of the bow mount, door surround mount (Where it attaches to tub) and the windshield where the rod attaches to the windshield...
  19. J

    Looking where to get frame dipped

    Hi, New to you're fourm. I've restored cj7 from frame up but always loved the cj8. I've finally bit the bullet and bought a cj8 on ebay. Naturally it will need a lot of work. My main worry is where to get the frame acid dipped. I haven't been able to find a place here in Cleveland, Oh. I...