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  1. Orionn

    T-5 strength question

    As we all know, the National meet and Colorado Scrambled is in July, and there is no way I can get the CJ-8 done in time with the upgrades I want/need so I am only doing what is absolutly nessesary. My delema: will the T-5 hold up behind a SBC 350? The trans condition is unknown, but seems...
  2. Orionn

    Only 3 months left !!!

    Only 3 Months left till I leave for the Colorado Scramble and the SOA National Scramble!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: I gotta get crackin on my rig!!!! I have WAY too much left to do. :banghead: Hows everyone else sittin with their 8's? Anyone else still working on getting thiers drivable like me?
  3. Orionn

    Gear Calculator I like

    I just though i would throw this your way. Gear Calculator
  4. Orionn

    For the guys living in the Rockies.......

    Could you please tell mewhat R&P gear rotios are that your running, and what your engineis. I am trying to decide what ratio I want to run with 35" tires and a SBC (carburated). I want to attend the SOA event and the Scrambles event, so I NEED to get decent mileage or I just wont be able to...
  5. Orionn

    Coil sprung fronts.....

    Is anyone running a coil sprung front axle on thier 8? Either radius arms or a link setup. Looking for spring rates and lengths. thx :popcorn:
  6. Orionn

    Just postin' a pic or three....

    Just posting a few pics of my Scrambler. A few have asked about it so here it is: Since these pics were taken, I removed the diamond plate one of the previous owners had installed under the windhield frame (only to find perfect sheetmetal). Well mostly perfect, Its full of holes drilled...
  7. Orionn

    Factory/Reference Repair manual?

    Does any have or know of a Factory repair manual for the CJ5/7/8 that would be in a PDF format or on CD? Looking to pick one up, I have nothing right now :( Also I need reference manual for how to rebuild/upgrade the GM Small Block 350ci V8. Another would be for the early Buick V8/V6 engines...
  8. Orionn

    It lives!!!!

    IT LIVES!! IT LIVES!! Finally, after purcasing a non-running/driving Scambler back in April I drove it for the fiist time yesterday! How many on here have a SBC in their scrambler? I had never driven a Jeep with anything larger than a AMC304, and boy what a differencce! It has a early '70s...
  9. Orionn

    Has anyone........?

    Added front stantion bars from the roll bar to the windshield frame to keep the frame from moving reaward when the soft top is on? I have a new Bestop and I cannot install it properly due to the winshield frame moving rearward when I tighten the top. Its so bad the doors wont even close, it...
  10. Orionn

    Windshield frame issues

    So I bought the CJ-8, and have been repairing the things done to it by a previous owner. A big one was he did NOT have windshield hinges on the frame, he used aluminum diamond plate to attach the frame to the cowls along the entire width using pop-rivets. :angry: Dont kow why did, the cowl W/S...
  11. Orionn

    Repairing Pop-Rivet holes

    OK, as I have mentioned in other threads, a previous owner used POP-RIVETS and Aluminum Diamond Plate to attach the windshield frame to the body. :angry: Well after removing all of the rivets, about 70 of them, I now need to fix the holes. How would you do it? I'd like to weld them, and I DO...
  12. Orionn

    Windshiled hinge reinforcment/tapping plates

    I am repairing the upper corners of the A-;pillar where the winshield hinge would mount and was wondering if there is supposed to be a reinforcement/tapping plate inside the body to bolt the windshield to. I am guessing there is. Does any know or have a picture of it? Can you buy them or do I...
  13. Orionn

    Upper A-pillar repair panel

    Does anyone make that small semi-trianglar bodyside part that welds right below the windshild frme/door hinge on the A-pillar? I know, probably not. So tell me, how has everyone else out there fixed this, and the reinforcements under it? I'd like to make it look original, but I suppose making...
  14. Orionn

    Seat belt question

    I have an '82, and it only has lap belts. No attachment holes in the factory roll bar either, I am a bit supprised at this. I thought that shoulder belts were no longer optional by '82 or was that only for passenger cars and not pickups. Does anyone have any insight on this? thanks
  15. Orionn

    Doors and vent windows

    Is anyone running the older style CJ-7 door on their Scrambler? I am talking about the one that has the twist handles, not the paddel style. I have two sets of these, in great shape and to save money would like to use them rather than buying the newer padle style. Does anyone see a problem...
  16. Orionn

    VIN locations?

    :confused: Where is the OEM VIN number stamped on the frame or anywhere else? My scrambler has no VIN plate, and has a state issued VIN and Body sticker. (it was a re-assembled basket case with no title at some point) I'd like to rectify that if possable thanks
  17. Orionn

    New to Scramblers

    Hello everyone; Just dropping a note to say 'HI' to everybody. Some of you may know me from Great Lakes 4x4, Early CJ-5 and Pirate 4x4, and some of you may not. (I have the same screen name on more boards than I can remember, if its spelled the same, its probably me, check the location) I...