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  1. Kane

    LS swap radiator and tranny coolers.

    I started this thread to talk about cooling choices for LS swaps. What are you currently running on your swap and do you like the setup? I am at the point of making a decision on cooling the Jeep. I have several three row copper radiators sitting in my basement that I am thinking of using...
  2. Kane

    Just bought an LS drivetrain.

    I just picked up this LS/4L60E combo to install in my Jeep over the winter. This was part of my original plan when I rebuilt my Jeep but the budget forced me to stay with my 6 cylinder at the time. I did swap in an AX-15 and installed a Howell injection system that I got for a good deal but I...
  3. Kane

    Local find I am interested in.

    I found his local Scrambler for sale recently and plan to take a look at it. The guy want $17500 for it but I feel that is a bit on the high side with the older Chevy motor and TH400 tranny being swapped in from the original 6 cylinder. He has the hard top and full doors to go with it as well...
  4. Kane

    Checking out another Scrambler this week. Value question

    I found a Scrambler near me for sale and he is asking about $3600. He is calling it a CJ Wrangler so I am pretty sure he doesn't really know what it is. I think I can get the price down a decent amount but in all honesty I just want to tune it up, make a few repairs and resell it. On a good...
  5. Kane

    Oem rust free body value

    What is the going rate for an oem tub that only has minimal rust on the roll bar mounts? I found a bare tub with no hardware but is very solid. The guy wanrs $3000 but i feel that is too high of a price. In my mind $2000 would be a reasonablr price. Am i accurate or is this guy. Also this is in...
  6. Kane

    Why I will never buy MSD again.

    I have a history with MSD since I have built several Chevy motors using their complete ignition systems. The MSD 6A box has left me stranded more than once and that last time I was in heavy traffic coming up to a stop light. I pushed the clutch in and the engine stopped. I had to get my Jeep...
  7. Kane

    Who wheels their Jeep, or just drives it or????

    I am curious as these Jeeps get older and more valuable who here actually still wheels their beloved Scrambler? Do you do a combo of street and off road, dedicated off road or strictly street? This poll is just for the Scramblers. If you own another Jeep for wheeling then just answer the poll...
  8. Kane

    Something you don't see everyday

    A Jeep CJ-5 lawn planter in my hometown.
  9. Kane

    Show me your wench's, I mean winch's

    I just finished doing a refresh on my old Mile Marker 10,500 pound hydraulic winch last week and got it running on my Jeep. It has been sitting for well over 10 years in my shop taking up space. I resealed it, bought new connections and hoses, replaced the cable with Mile Markers synthetic...
  10. Kane

    Fabric paint success

    Last winter i bought some used light tan soft doors and then bought the bestop rotary latch handles. This morning I painted the bottom halves with the Duplicolor vinyl and fabric matte black paint. I have to say they came out very nice and look almost identical to the top. I need another can...
  11. Kane

    Brake question for combo valve

    When I built my Scrambler I went ahead and converted the rear to Nissan disk brake calipers with Geo tracker rotors and a disk/disk power brake boost master setup. I never changed the combo valve and I am having issues with the rear brakes engaging too fast for the calipers. This is due to the...
  12. Kane

    4.0 conversion VSS adapter question

    What is the better choice for a VSS adapter on the dana 300 that will retain my speedo cable? I have read the early 90's dodge dakota works well. Anyone who has done this conversion have a good part number? HESCO has a VSS but at $135 its alot more than Rock Auto and the dodge unit.
  13. Kane

    Power steering gearbox seal issues.

    This weekend I was rebuilding my original steering gear box and ran into an issue with the shaft seals. My box has a slightly larger input shaft and seal than what the kit has provided. I went to a couple auto stores to buy a new seal kit and they all come with the smaller dust and oil seal...
  14. Kane

    Driving in the winter or store it? Northerner's only.

    Sometimes I feel like I went too far in my Scrambler build because now I won't drive it in the winter with snow and crap on the roads. I my older Jeeps I drove them no matter what and love bombing around in the snow. This one I made the undercarriage so clean that I do not want to mess it up...
  15. Kane

    Howell Fuel injection question

    Does anyone have a picture or drawing of the wiring harness? I would prefer a schematic but i do not think Howell ever made one for this. A good solid picture of the wire harness may help as well. I have a kit I got used and the harness needed some work. I am unsure about one of the fuse...
  16. Kane

    4.0 head which gasket?

    I am not sure of the major differences on the 258 to the 4.0 head gasket but mine is leaking water into the block after only 2000 miles. I have the 258 with the 4.0 head conversion. I checked my head bolts and they are all in torque spec but I used the 258 head gasket. Most people on Jeep...
  17. Kane

    Aftermarket hard door seal issues

    I recently rebuilt my hard doors for my Scrambler rebuild project and I have an issue with the outer door seal. I think they may be too thick or stiff. When I close my doors on both sides the bottom corners push out and I can barely get the latch to do the 2nd click. It is not too noticeable to...
  18. Kane

    full hard top made my tires smaller!

    So I got around to installing the full hardtop last night and mounted it. I have never had a top on the Jeep yet since it was completed last month and I have to admit I am not used to it. I think the top is so big it made the tires look smaller LOL. I haven't driven it with doors or even the...
  19. Kane

    And 6 years later I am driving my Scrambler!

    I just had to post some pictures of my finished scrambler as I just got her on the road for the first time this weekend. I was terrible about updating the build thread so it never had much momentum on the site. This Jeep hasn't been on the road since 1994 and I bought it in September 2010. I...
  20. Kane

    Interesting VIN code F

    So I am getting ready to register my Scrambler for the first time and I looked up my VIN for the hell of it. The 5th digit is "F". Well the 5th digit is for the transmission type and they only show B = Auto, Floor A = Auto, Column M = 4 speed N = 5 speed. My Jeep was a 5 speed so...