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  1. J

    Epic fails

    Bet you had something to say to him.
  2. J

    Someone called it a TJ 6

    If it's just misadjusted, that will be a cheaper fix.
  3. J

    Steering Wheel Rebuild Question

    Measure the length of your original and the replacement. Some of them can have a difference ot around 2 inches. I'm guessing you have the bolts put in behind the dash so you have it bolted in. If short, may be time for a new aftermarket steering shaft. Make your shaft is extended. They come...
  4. J

    The fire dept brush truck Scrambler Part 1

    Glad someone got it that would appreciate and preserve it. Nice find.
  5. J

    Rocker Panel R&R

    Usually heat for rusted /oxidated bolts. I don't know if you are painting the rockers or leaving bare aluminum. This penetrating is awesome at breaking it down rust even with out heat. Put on and let soak in, reapply and keep working it to hopefully free up. Kano Aerokroil Penetrating...
  6. J

    Bigwalton's LJ - Formerly "The LJ gets some big tire love"

    We gotta have some fun with you BW. Lifes too short not to.:devilish:
  7. J

    The Case of the Curious Bumper

    I like the colors, torn between removing the ball and putting a chrome one on or leaving alone. Make sure if you take it off you take a razor knife and cut it clean around the ball. Don't want to remove the ball and chip/pull the powder coating.
  8. J

    Holley Sniper EFI for BBD Carbs

    Disconnect the fuel line at the throttle body, run the pump to clean out the fuel line. Don't know if the sniper has a screen filter in the throttle body (don't believe so). If it does clean the screen. My mechanic got me on a fuel injector cleaner (blaster fuel injector cleaner) Put a...
  9. J

    What to do with current paint job

    Sanding and painting around the primer is very hard to do, even for experienced painters. Their is steps to try to blend it in without having a line between the old and the new paint. Also painting over the primer will take more coats than the blue paint which will make the blend even harder...
  10. J

    Rear fender arc

    Rugged Ridge 11604.01 Factory Style Fender Flare Kit Is the kit I used on both cj8 builds. Almost a exact fit, 2 screw holes were about 5/32" off.
  11. J

    Steve's "Homelander" CJ8 Project

    :popcorn::drool: We'll be waiting.
  12. J

    My Newest Project - Me !?!?

    Always glad to see no bad changes. Smooth sailing is always good. Now you can have fun.
  13. J

    Wheel in’ 4 Hope Cancer Fundraiser

    Nice herd you have there. :rotfl: (y)
  14. J

    Gr8Dain's 4.0/aw4 swap from a 97 XJ

    I had the same light wired backward from crown (never ending scrambler build), took me a couple hours to find it. Glad it works now.
  15. J

    The '83 - Family Man

    Damn I love that color combo. The blue really makes the jeep.
  16. J

    ‘82 SL, “Clyde”

    I don't know what the under carriage and frame looks, but she doesn't really look ruff. I've never got a jeep that clean, body looks like a typical, desert vehicle (wind and sand wears the paint. Nice find.
  17. J

    Taking Built CJ7 apart to make CJ8 For Winter Use

    Also broke down and ordered full soft top doors (black denim). Been holding off and using older grey doors till spring got here.
  18. J

    Taking Built CJ7 apart to make CJ8 For Winter Use

    Did minor work on the jeep this winter/spring (new radio, install front speakers. Broke down and pulled the hard half top off. Installed stc half top hardware and half top. Been saving it and another stc half top for the last 11 years. Wanted to use on the original ch8 project but broke down...
  19. J

    Rust prevention behind taillights, etc.. waterproofing..

    If you use chalk, don't chalk all 4 sides, chalk the top and 2 sides, leave bottom open. If not you will trap any water that gets in and it will rot out faster. Always leave a way for the water to escape. Grease is better than wax, Rust pores are too large for the wax to bridge and will...