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  1. Pman

    Intermittent wiper switch mod

    Wm69- I saw y'all chatting about the 75.00 ebay intermittent wiper switch, and I've been wanting to go that route as well. Lookee what I stumbled on (and apologies if this is old news): http://thecurb.us/Webazine/Pits/iwipers/Rev_Iwipers.htm
  2. Pman

    Carter Carb Throttle Bushing Repair

    It rained all weekend, so the only thing I got accomplished was installing new bushings in the throttle shaft bores of my Carter 2bbl carb. For those of you that are trying to get your Carter idle back up to snuff, this is an area to check (clogged idle tubes is #1). I located a massive vac...
  3. Pman


    Ordered one of the Gr8Tops (advertised on the banner-I read that these folks also own this forum site) and finally had a chance to put it on the Scrambler this weekend. Not sure if any of you have one, but this is a very nice product. I bought it to keep the rain out of the bed until I can...
  4. Pman

    Online Scrambler Brochures

    If any of you are interested in tracking down what the Scrambler looked like when it came from the factory, this site has some great brochure scans. Here's the one for 1982: http://oldcarbrochures.org/NA/Jeep/1982_Jeep/1982-Jeep-Scrambler-Brochure/1982-Jeep-Scrambler-01
  5. Pman

    New Scrambler owner! YeeHaa!

    Wanted to introduce myself. I've been a member of the Jeep Forum and IFSJA forum for years, but am now "fired up" to be a part of this site. I've wanted a Scrambler for ages. Had the bugs for Jeeps since I was a child, bought my first one (88 Wrangler Laredo--still have it) brand new off the...