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  1. MikeV


    I think you're winning with any of the first 3.
  2. MikeV

    Are the Scramblers getting to valuable to enjoy

    As always it's very interesting and enlightening to hear what everyone has to say on this forum. As I'm having my coffee this morning I agree with driving it as much as possible. Last night Renee and I dropped Michael off at the skatepark and went to a brewery for dinner in the scrambler. People...
  3. MikeV

    Current Scrambler pics

    Making sure to follow the thread rules here's a pic from our coffee run before the BBQ yesterday. Glorious northeast September weekend in Greenwood Lake.
  4. MikeV

    Current Scrambler pics

    Just showed these pics to Renee over our coffee and it's amazing how fast these years fly. Dominick is 18 and off to college so we can connect to BW and all here who experience this. It's truly a blessing. On a scrambler note, there is nothing like topless and doorless midnight rides with the...
  5. MikeV

    They want to buy the forum... again. Membership thanks and explanation.

    100% on board with re-contributing if that is what's needed. I love this forum and the community within it. Thanks again for everything!
  6. MikeV

    They want to buy the forum... again. Membership thanks and explanation.

    Thanks so much for everything BW! Sorry you have to deal with this.
  7. MikeV

    Current Scrambler pics

    Definitely driving it like they stole it with 2 more scrambler smiles!
  8. MikeV

    Remembering: where were you on September 11th

    Renee and I had just finished breakfast on Christopher Street in the west village a few blocks north of the towers. 5 minutes after I kissed her and she went to work as a nurse 2 blocks east, a group of us on the corner ducked because anyone that was at ground zero HEARD the first plane before...
  9. MikeV

    Current Scrambler pics

    It is amazing that it's the same look no matter where the jeep is. Perhaps a scrambler smile thread?
  10. MikeV

    Current Scrambler pics

    x-1000. Looking at Ron's kids reminded me of when I first put Joshua in the scrambler. Early March in New York that year was cold but he didn't care. The whole no door no roof thing blew his mind. He's a senior now and has staked his claim to it. I told him as long as he pays it forward and does...
  11. MikeV

    Current Scrambler pics

    Scramblers bring that awesome smile to the kids faces. Enjoy that time well spent!
  12. MikeV

    The fire dept brush truck Scrambler Part 1

    Stories like this hit my Saturday morning coffee out of the park every time. As with everyone here, this vehicle somehow found the perfect person. Thanks for a great writeup!
  13. MikeV

    Help me find dad’s 81 CJ8

    After reading this thread and racking my brain I looked at a 10 year old parking ticket I got and it had my plate # on it. Would a copy of anything like that be filed away somewhere? (no offense intended LOL!) No vin # but maybe it's different state to state. I'm a dinosaur and made paper copies...
  14. MikeV

    Long Ago and Far Away (Minnesota to Ushuaia in 27,000 miles)

    I was just telling Renee about Dan's epic Africa adventures from Jeepfreek and these are more scrambler tales that I can't wait to hear about. It's great that you still have the same jeep. It's all about the stories and what doozies this jeep could tell!
  15. MikeV

    OT Lost a good one today

    Death can't kill music. His songs will play in my CASSETTE player 1982 style in the scrambler this weekend!
  16. MikeV

    How long have you owned your '8?

    My dad and I always wanted a CJ to cruise in since I was in 4th grade. When he was in the hospital with cancer we joked that I would drive right through the front door and get him out of there in a scrambler. After he got his wings I had to find one, and as you all know better than me easier...
  17. MikeV

    Current Scrambler pics

  18. MikeV

    "So do you do this as a hobby?"

    I have said it before and I'll say it again....it's stories like this that make the folks on this forum so great. Make sure this jeep has many more adventures!
  19. MikeV

    My 85' Restoration

    Great times. I'm finding out that scramblers bring that out in people. Enjoy!
  20. MikeV

    My 85' Restoration

    The look on the driver's face says it all and I love the shotgun rider making sure they're on track!