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  1. mssldn

    Another Waggy/J truck D44 SUA steering thread.

    To get the best answer you should tell us what size tire and how much lift? There is more than one way to skin a cat and your personal info is what makes on way better or worse. Jeeper_4_Life is right that you will be happier with a flat/parallel set up. However on my current build I'm...
  2. mssldn

    Need advice on which Jeep to keep...

    I would vote to send the 4.7L down the road, but I wouldn't send it to my daughter. You may want to look into the rocker arm issue that these motors have. I have 01 that I do enjoy but seems to sit more than I drive because of it. You probably have awhile, I'm in the 180k's.
  3. mssldn

    Project Blue

    Looks great! Where is the transfer case shifter?
  4. mssldn

    Considering a bench seat

    It is a perfect fit between the front seats. AMC used CJ bucket seats in FSJ's too. Not my picture. but you can see the setup: I will have to make brackets as it sits lower in the FSJ. Not my picture either but you can see the bracket: The jump seat I got needs reupholstered...
  5. mssldn

    Considering a bench seat

    This what I am currently doing.
  6. mssldn

    Fuel filler hose with body lift issue

    I purchased hose from the local farm/tractor store; the size for at-home fuel tank/pump. They had both sizes that you need and priced per foot.
  7. mssldn

    YJ Seat Upgrade

    In the prior thread I asked about YJ sliders. You have to drill new holes, but you can bolt them to your CJ bracket. My driver's bracket is a flip bracket.
  8. mssldn

    Which harness and PN for my situation please?

    Yes, they are the same length. I have a seven harness in my eight.
  9. mssldn

    Axle lengthening vs shortening?

    I don't think lengthening would be worth it. Think about if you cut a piece of wood to small, you would just get a new piece of wood, you wouldn't try to nail a piece on to get to the right length. So to lengthen the rear, you would remove the tubes from the differential (center section) and...
  10. mssldn

    82 CJ-8 Cranks But Won't Start

    Did you run a full tank of gas through in the 3 weeks it was running? You know it is fuel related because it runs on the carb cleaner. Have you tried running a hose from your fuel pump to a separate gas can? If that doesn't work move up the line. Try to gravity feed the carb. If it runs...
  11. mssldn

    Another Scrambler Purchase/Road Trip - UPDATE- BODY ON FRAME AGAIN

    I've got a fan off an 84. Pm me your address if you want it.
  12. mssldn

    Full Door Interior Door Handles

    Yep looking for the metal version of the photo posted by CJ7Pilot Found that too. Finding a cnc shop is probably what I will have to do it seems.
  13. mssldn

    Full Door Interior Door Handles

    I had a friend several years ago (probably a decade or more) that purchased aluminium interior door handles off the internet somewhere. I've moved and I've lost contact with him. He told me I should get some, but they were pricey so it got put in the "someday" list. Back then I only had the...
  14. mssldn

    YJ Seats in CJ8

    Did you use the YJ seat slider? I recently picked up some 1992 YJ seats without any brackets or sliders. They do not bolt to the CJ stuff like the 87-90 stuff I've used in the past. I purchased a bestop slider that claimed it worked for 1976-1995, but it doesn't. Looking to buy an 91-95 YJ...
  15. mssldn

    Dana 300 and offset waggy rear?

    I believe 92-95 on the rodeo. Mine is out of a 95. After 95 they get a lot wider.
  16. mssldn

    Goodyear 31x10.50x15's on closeout at Walmart

    I picked up a set for $30/ea. Thanks for the tip.
  17. mssldn

    4.0L Power Steering Hoses

    Maybe this is common knowledge but I tried doing some research on jeep forums and couldn't find anything. I Swapped a 96XJ 4.0L into my 81 back in 2004ish. Back then I used the stock 258 power steering hoses. Well, they are finally leaking. I was going to get some new CJ lines, but I...
  18. mssldn

    CEvans87 1981 Build

    Dug through some old photos. The green circle show the metric bolts on the driver's side and the red shows the XJ mounting holes. This a 96XJ block in an 81CJ8.