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  1. TexasAg77

    Rocker Panel R&R

    I have held onto a set of rockers for the '8 for several years. Getting ready to get the repaint going on it and I did them out to look them over. My question is the T bolts are rusted/corroded in the groves tight. Best way to get them out or am I screwed? I have up with a dozen good T bolts...
  2. TexasAg77

    OT Lost a good one today

    Dusty Hill of that Little Band from Texas passed today...
  3. TexasAg77

    How long have you owned your '8?

    This may be a post already, but Eric knows I am too lazy to research it.. Question is, when did you buy your '8? I know one SOA member in LA that owned from new. Got mine in April of '99.
  4. TexasAg77

    Looking for Joseph Wolf- Jasper GA

    Hey gang, at the Scrambler Nat't event in Harlan KY the other year there was a gentleman by the name of Joseph Wolf who did restorations, etc on Jeeps. Had a beautiful '8 that he had just finished that he brought to the event. I cannot find his info and I want to get with him about finally...
  5. TexasAg77

    Early Jeep Pickup on TV

    This is just a preview, but should be an interesting follow. Have been to his studio/shop a couple years ago for a event he did and it was pretty cool. Of course he gets lots of promo items, but he does the work with some helpers for the most part.
  6. TexasAg77

    Factory Clock repair

    Finally got around to having an aftermarket tach and a factory clock installed into the dash. Of course the clock doesn't work. Anyone have a name of a good clock repair guy, or girl? Bought this years ago off of fleabay and always liked the look of the fully loaded dash...
  7. TexasAg77

    Southern CJ Meet and Swap Meet

    Went down to Carterville, GA today for the Southern CJ show and swap meet. Good time and lots of pre '86 Jeeps. Here are some pics.
  8. TexasAg77

    4.0 not running right, need some thoughts

    And maybe prayers! ;) What I have- 95 4.0 92 manual computer 94 harness. Been in the '8 since 2000. Had to do a computer swap after muddy water from one of the Hot Springs SOA Scrambles years ago. Other than that have not had really any issues. Lately starts really hard and rich. I mean...
  9. TexasAg77

    Hey Big Walton

    You need to make a road trip to Oxford MS.... Check out the desert menu at this restaurant!
  10. TexasAg77

    Barrett Jackson Auction

    So I get to my room last night and BJ is Auctioning off a '90 "Scrambler"??? Had a wranger square eye front. But whoever built it put Scrambler name hood decals on and all. As I came in late on it, maybe they said it was a clone or something. Anyone see this?
  11. TexasAg77

    Thanks SOA!!!

    The SOA had a drawing for those who renewed by a certain date. I was the lucky winner of the prize. Here is a pic of what I got!:bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers: Definitely makes being a SOA member worthwhile! Thank you again, SOA! See you in Harlan!
  12. TexasAg77

    Help -4.0 computer died

    Ok, found out the 92 'puter that has run my 4.0 since 2000 is dead. Any good sources for a 92-94 manuel 'puter???
  13. TexasAg77

    Hey Guys, a 2006 Scrambler......

    Was going thru town today and saw this Scrambler I hadn't seen in town before. WOW, how did I miss getting one of these when they were new......:angry::rolleyes: ;);););)
  14. TexasAg77

    Happy Birthday Matt

    Happy Birthday Matt. Hope you have a good day. Thanks for having this site for us Scrambler geeks...
  15. TexasAg77

    New Vehicle in the family

    Well, all of our regular driving vehicles are 4wd. Traded the 190K mile '02 Passat for an '06 LJ. Been wanting one for a while to tow behind the MH instead of the '8. It is really stock and will be a while until we get some new tires and basic accessories. I do have reason now to look at the...
  16. TexasAg77

    Pershing Auto Parts & new Fenders

    Am looking for new fenders for the ol '8 and have been told that I need to find some original fenders instead of buying what more than likely will be import metal. Found these guys on Amazon and their website reads pretty good. Anybody have any dealings with them? Also, any one got a decent...
  17. TexasAg77

    OT- Warn 8274 overhaul

    Not sure if this is the "right" forum;) , but I know there is way more traffic here. I have an 8274 winch that was used in other than Jeeping needs and is at least 28-30 years old. I believe it still works, but I heard a rumor a few years ago that Warn would rework/rebuild these for less than...
  18. TexasAg77

    Hey, BW.....

    You freezing your arse off yet????????:eek: :eek: :eek: Miss NC much these days??:D :D
  19. TexasAg77

    I am thinking of....

    Selling the '8. Thoughts, opinions, interested buyerss???? ;)
  20. TexasAg77

    Calling Jaxk

    Capt Jaxk, PM or email me please. Thanks!:D