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  1. Randyzzz

    Jeep Sign at Hobby Lobby

    Hobby Lobby- home of stuff you never thought you need until you see it. Found a cool “Jeep Garage” sign, half price. $8.49 IIRC. Now I just have to see if Carol notices and how much flak I get…😎
  2. Randyzzz

    You’ve got to be kidding me…

    Well, found out something new and wonderful about my wife today. But first, the back story. Today was the biggest car show of the year here in Redmond. Over 400 cars, sponsored by the local brewery Wild Ride. (Their Juicy Gorilla Snacks hazy IPA is amazing…) So, we checked it out. Last time...
  3. Randyzzz

    4 Wire Wiper Motor Question

    I’m looking for wire identification on the 4 wire wiper motor flat plug. The plug is labeled A B C D. Which wire performs which function? I know there’s low, high, park, and battery. I have factory manuals, but they don’t give a pinout on the plug, nor do they give the colors. FYI, I’m using a...
  4. Randyzzz

    Cool Scrambler Shirts and Stuff!

    A week or so ago I came across a seller on FB, with a really killer Scrambler shirt advertised. I contacted him and sent him a picture of Red. He modified his design to look like what mine should look like finished. I got the goods today, and I am amazed! Everything looks fantastic. The prices...
  5. Randyzzz

    Totally cool EV

    404HP, 480ft/lbs torque, 22” of travel…this thing is awesome. I have no idea of the price, but the cost of cool isn’t cheap… I’m so happy that EV’s are being developed for the performance market...
  6. Randyzzz

    Firewall vin tag rivets-

    I’m planning ahead and had a question on the firewall vin tag rivets. I seem to remember that they are regular rivets, and that the rivets on the vin tag behind the wiper motor are rosette rivets. I ordered enough rosette rivets to do the wiper vin tag, and now I’m second guessing myself. I...
  7. Randyzzz

    Interesting rear bumper idea

    Cruising FBook and saw an interesting rear bumper idea. It looks like a TJ bumper. And it doesn’t look bad…obviously not on a restoration but on a resto-mod maybe. It keeps the Scrambler end cap look but follows the body curves. If you took a couple inches out of the middle of the bumper so the...
  8. Randyzzz

    Father’s Day-

    Happy Father’s Day everyone! My kids hooked me up again this year- Never seen the Blackwell rum before- it sure is smooth and easy drinking. Plus it’s Bond approved!
  9. Randyzzz

    White Spoke Wheel Color?

    What white are factory white spokes? I’m going to send my set out next week to get powder coated, and I want to make sure I get the correct color. All the wheels that I have ever seen are a bit on the creamy side, not a pure chalk white. Or do they just fade creamy? I thought I read this in a...
  10. Randyzzz

    My 2001 Cherokee “Bumblebee”

    I’m sure some of you remember, but I’m going to start from the beginning. In January 2019 my wife and I found a 2001 Solar Yellow Cherokee. It had 112,000 miles and was built in the last month, maybe even in the last couple weeks of production. We honestly bought it to flip- it was bone stock...
  11. Randyzzz

    New wheel style- old school!

    Don’t know if any of you have seen these, but they’re pretty cool IMHO. Too bad they don’t have a 5x5.5 bolt pattern. They only come in 6 lug and 5x5. But I’d you’re running Waggy axles... https://fifteen52.com/products/analog-hd-asphalt-black
  12. Randyzzz

    Tool recommendation-

    A few days ago I recommended a mini bolt cutter for cutting hog rings on seats. After finding a picture on Amazon, a recommendation popped up. A Knipex cutter. It’s all of 6 1/2” long, and looks more like a set of well built diagonal cutters. So I ordered one- not cheap at $41. It arrived last...
  13. Randyzzz

    Electric Fan Question-

    I have decided to go with an electric fan(s). I have a BeCool dual pass radiator, and the core size is 22” wide by 19” tall. I am looking for some insight on fan selection. I have used a Taurus fan before and it fit the stock CJ radiator well, but this isn’t a stock CJ radiator. Plus, that...
  14. Randyzzz

    Good read-

    Jay Leno hit the nail on the head. Normally I don’t copy/post this stuff, but this speaks to all of us here I think. https://www.hagerty.com/media/opinion/leno-appreciation-for-hard-work-is-fading-and-old-cars-arent-easy/
  15. Randyzzz

    Little “Life Change”

    Last year was a bit of a bear, to make an understatement. COVID put me out of a job at the Ford dealership, and when they brought me back it was haphazardly- 1-3 days with 4 hour shifts. Then in early December my Mom passed away. I truly felt “empty” at the end of last year, and the lack of...
  16. Randyzzz

    Need advice on which Jeep to keep...

    After purchasing the 2500 Silverado for a tow vehicle/driver this weekend, Carol and I have been discussing thinning the herd a bit. We are going to sell the 1996 1500 Silverado, and either the 2001 Cherokee sport that I think most of you are familiar with, or our 1999 Grand Cherokee Limited...
  17. Randyzzz

    GM Electric Conversion Package

    I have been following the electric conversion thread here with interest. The idea of an electric Scrambler has been on my mind since seeing Jeep’s release of the 4XE Wrangler. I can’t think of a more perfect “Errand Runner”. And this morning I saw this on my MT feed! It was published Nov 2, so...
  18. Randyzzz

    Pics of your Christmas tree outings!

    Put the pics of your Christmas tree hunt here! We went out today and got ours. No Scrambler, sorry- but did drive the Cherokee and our Daugher and her family were in the Wrangler. Had a great time and found a couple of “Clark Griswold” sized trees! Pictures were taken in the Ochoco National...
  19. Randyzzz

    Question on carpet...

    I need to buy a carpet kit. Who have you had good luck with? Does their kit cover the bulkhead? And did you get the heavy backing? I have LizardSkin sound and thermal applied and don’t know if I need the heavy back- unless it makes the carpet lay down better.
  20. Randyzzz

    My 1980 CJ-5

    I found a good deal on a 1980 CJ-5. This is going to be a restoration back to mostly stock condition. The CJ-5 has a 258, T176, D300, and is a base model. There are no mods that I can see save for a poorly placed antenna (but a 2-shaft Motorola radio), some bumpers, and some 10” wide wheels...